Marketing and selling your product require you to reach out to potential customers, even those who are still on the fence. We’ll tell you now, it’s not easy to convince these people to buy your product/service. 

Unfortunately, people aren’t predisposed to listen to what marketers, advertisers, salespeople, and businesses have to say. Outbound marketing overcomes this challenge (and some others) by closing the gap of distrust and unfamiliarity between you and your prospects.

Outbound tactics and strategies are all about making your customers like and trust you — important precursors if you want people to buy your products/services. If you’re looking for a nudge in the right direction this is it. Here are 3 tried and proven ways to get prospects to like and trust you.


First, get known

It’s a fundamental principle of human relationship development: people are more receptive to messages from people they know. The same principle applies to businesses trying to establish a relationship with their prospects.

So, throw yourself out there. Get seen by the right people — the people you really want to talk to. It can’t be everybody; it needs to be somebody specific. A well thought out buyer persona should help you nail down your target audience.

Once that’s clear, try to create messages tailored to these people. Relevant, person-centred messages are usually the ones that get through their intended targets. When communicated by someone familiar, it’s even harder to miss.

Getting your audience to know you first can help tremendously in easing your prospects to drop their guard and warm up more to you and your ideas.


Be real, authentic, and nice

It’s so painfully obvious you might wonder why we even bothered to spell it out. Well, you’d be amazed at how many businesses fail at this. 

Being genuine and nice are business norms that should go without saying. People are more likely to trust businesses that demonstrate sincerity and real care for them and their well-being.

If you come across as duplicitous, self-serving, and the kind of business that puts profits first before people, you can expect lots of resistance from your prospects no matter how good your message. That said, make sure you and your business have a personality that draws prospects in and makes them stay. It’s not enough to say that you’re nice, though. You also need to back it up with proof! It’s not bragging when you let customers who trust you do the talking on your behalf.


Give people good reasons to trust you

Being known, being real, and being nice are building blocks of trust. Since relationships are also built on social exchange (what’s in it for you and me?), you also need to give something tangibly useful and beneficial to your prospects to reel them in. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by giving some of your best stuff for free.

Develop a valuable free product that you can use as an incentive for connecting with you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be useful to them. For example, an e-book or white paper that details solutions to problems that are bugging your prospects can be an attractive incentive that doesn’t cost much.

Another good reason to trust you is when you listen to your prospects and customers in return. Relationships, even business relationships, are a two-way street: give and give back. As your audiences lend you their time and attention, you also need to do the same for them. Inviting them into a conversation and taking in feedback are good ways to build trust between you and your target. Don’t be afraid or stubborn to apologise when you need to, especially when someone brings a legitimate concern that should be acted on. You want your audience to trust you, so have some faith in them as well.

Just like with being nice, you also want your prospects and customers to know that you’re trustworthy. Of course, they just can’t take your word for it. You’ll need to give the microphone to customers who’ve already benefited from your products/services. You can do this by including testimonials and honest reviews. Doing this gives other people an opportunity to vouch for you.

Finally, be consistently great at what you do. Consistency puts your prospects and customers at ease. It gives them something to hold on to and a reasonable benchmark for setting their expectations. Don’t just sell benefits; sell reassurance, too.


Liking + Trust = Better Sales

Selling to people can be tough. Selling to people who don’t like you nor trust you is even harder. If you want to reel people in and turn them into paying advocates of your product / service, you need to pave the way with liking and trust. You also need to put the time, effort, and sincerity to get people to listen and care about what you’re saying and selling.

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