The holiday season is only a few days away. It is usually at this time that marketers are making last-minute efforts to prepare for the launch of their holiday campaigns.


If you’re still wondering about where to start with your campaign for the last quarter, this may serve as your guide in making all the necessary preparation despite the limited time. The items listed below may also serve as your checklist in creating your holiday campaigns for Facebook:


  1. Audit your account and test your campaigns

To make sure that everything goes smoothly when it’s time to run your campaigns, it is recommended to create a test campaign a few weeks prior to the launch. The purpose of the test is only to ensure the smooth flow of creating the ads and navigating through dashboards/reports. Hence, there is no need to publish your ads.


When possible, perform a full audit of your business manager or ad account. Make sure that everyone who will handle the ad campaigns has the proper access to their accounts. Review and accept updated Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines. Check if all payment methods are up to date. If you detect any issues, submit a report or troubleshoot immediately. This way you can focus on the campaigns once they are live.


  1. Maximise ad placements

You can expect that the number of advertisers competing for ad placements will continue to increase as the sale date approaches. 


If your brand is not advertising year-round and you are unsure about where to position your ads, you can try Facebook’s automatic placement for a few days. Then, you can manually edit the placements to remove underperforming ads and maximise your budget on the successful ones.


  1. Create an enticing offer

It is a given that you will be competing with advertisers who are offering a range of discounts, promos, and freebies to get more conversions. If you are planning on offering discounts, your offer should not be less than 15-20% to make it work.


If offering discounts will put you at a disadvantage, you may try creating bundles or offering inexpensive freebies that you can add to the main product(s). You may also offer free shipping for certain areas or if the customers’ cart value reaches a certain amount.


  1. Use custom audiences

Creating custom audiences for your holiday campaigns help ensure that you are reaching the right audience, and not wasting your resources on users who are not interested in your products/services. You can create custom audiences using the data recorded in your analytics to reach users who have visited your website, interacted with your published content, or used your mobile app.


  1. Monitor campaign performance

With everything you need to do to stay on track, it is easy to forget about checking the performance of each campaign. This is a common mistake that you must avoid at all costs or you will risk wasting your resources on underperforming ads or campaigns.


Stay on top of everything by assigning a member of the team to check the performance of each ad or ad set every day. This way, it will be easier to track which ads are resonating well with your target audience. Again, use this opportunity to turn off underperforming ads and use available resources to successful ones.

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