So, you have a website for your business. More power to you. But does it have anything that your target audience actually wants to see?

Your website fulfils some very important functions in the digital marketplace:

  • It is the most important digital footprint that lets others know you exist
  • It gives you another medium with which you can maintain a relationship with clients
  • It serves as the online equivalent of your brick and mortar office
  • and it connects you to prospects who might not be able to find you or reach you offline


Whilst websites should be configured and designed to meet these functions, sometimes, however, websites just become static calling cards and/or posters for businesses because they lack any meaningful content or information.

If you really want your customers and audiences to have a rewarding experience when they visit your website, make sure you give them something they want to see. Here is a list of 7 crucial things that should be on your website right now.

  • Updated contact information

You will not be able to do business if customers cannot contact you. You may think that this is pretty basic and does not warrant being mentioned in this list, but trust us, a lot of businesses are making the rookie mistake of not posting contact information. Make sure your website shows updated contact information that will help customers to reach you by phone, correspondence, e-mail, and social media. If you have recently changed your contact information, make sure that your website reflects these changes. There is nothing more frustrating than dialling a number and finding out it is no longer working.

  • An ‘About Us’ page

People care about who they do business with so let them know who you are and what you are all about. A concise company description that highlights your brand’s core values and culture is a nice introduction that can go a long way in turning a customer into a true brand advocate. 

  • Testimonials

Your ‘About Us’ page tells customers who you are in your own words. Support your claims through testimonials — the nice things real people say about you. Hearing or reading about other people’s experiences with you is a powerful way to build trust and confidence in your prospects. 


  • Ability to Give Feedback

A feedback mechanism gives your customers an opportunity to be heard. It allows your customers to let you know what you are doing great and what other aspects of the product or service can be improved. Feedback is a vital customer relations tool that should be present on your website.

  • Original videos and images of your products and services

Customers love having something to look at as it adds context to the information they are consuming. But as much as customers like to see images and video content, they also have very keen eyes for stock photos pulled from the web, low-resolution images, and unoriginal video content. If you are posting images and videos, make sure they are all original and well-produced. 

  • Clear calls to action

What do you want your site visitors to do? Your customers want to see signs or buttons that will facilitate the action they want to perform whether it is making a purchase, signing up for a service or receiving more information. Sometimes, customers need a little more than a gentle nudge for them to do what we want them to do,

  • Special offers

Incentivise every website visit by throwing in special offers and promotions for your audience. It does not have to be as big as the lottery. Incentives could be something as small as a 10% discount coupon or promo code when they order or free delivery for first-time purchases. Whatever it is you decide to throw in there, make sure it is something that will make customers feel valued.

Websites are a critical component of 21st-century businesses. As such, your website should not just be a virtual stand-in for your brand. Your online space should contain important pieces of information that will let customers find you and know you a little better. It should also have something that will reward your prospects’ time and effort visiting your website.

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