Our Automated Prospecting Plan is for those who want to create an automated prospecting workflow using a combination of our Artificial Intelligence B2B unlimited data tool, integrated with the market leading CRM, outbound email and social media marketing platforms

This bundled package of tools is the same technology stack that SalesLeadGen deploys in our managed service and so provides you with a proven ‘out of the box’ solution to put your prospecting on complete AI autopilot!

Automated Prospecting

Once you have saved your searches in SalesLeadGen, the tool will start to mine the social web for all relevant B2B contacts. Once these has been sourced, the data will go through a multi-step verification process where contact details are enriched with email addresses, validated against the initial search criteria and data fields are scrubbed clean (e.g. first names are capitalised and companies have their entities such as ‘Ltd’ and ‘Inc’ removed).  

The resulting ‘campaign ready’ data is then sent to your email and social media outbound marketing platforms as part of your automated workflow as Suspects, and then you can simply monitor both channels for positive replies as these will represent Prospects for your business.

All four tools in this bundle package provide in-app support to users but as the central service provider, SalesLeadGen will act as the principle support contact across all the platforms in the workflow, to provide assistance from both a technical and marketing perspective. 

If you already have your own marketing tools in place and simply want access to unlimited B2B contact data for your campaigns, please see our B2B Data Plan. Or instead, if you’d like to outsource your entire lead generation process, then you’ll need our Managed Lead Generation Service.