The B2B Data Plan gives you access to the SalesLeadGen Artificial Intelligence B2B contact data tool so that you can profile your target market, create up to 15 ideal customer profiles and then create unlimited segmented lists of your target customers. 

So you no longer have to spend time in your week carrying out manual research, instead you can put your list building on complete AI autopilot! 

B2B Data

Once you have saved your ideal customer profile searches in SalesLeadGen, the AI kicks in and the tool will start to mine the social web for all relevant B2B contacts.

Once contacts have been sourced, the data will go through a multi-step verification process where contact details are enriched with email addresses, validated against the initial search criteria and data fields are scrubbed clean (e.g. first names are capitalised and companies have their entities such as ‘Ltd’ and ‘Inc’ removed).  

The resulting ‘campaign ready’ data can then be manually exported to CSV or automatically pushed to a Google Sheet to be worked as Suspects for your outbound campaigns.  Alternatively, you can connect our data feed to your existing email/social media platforms to automate your workflow. 

If you don’t have any existing marketing tools in place and would like to completely automate your prospecting workflow, you should take a look at our Automated Prospecting Plan. Or instead, if you’d like to outsource your entire lead generation process, then you’ll need our Managed Lead Generation Service