The B2B Data Feed Plan gives you single user access to the SalesLeadGen B2B contact data tool so that you can profile your target market, create up to 15 ideal customer profiles and then set up an ‘unlimited contacts per month’ data feed with your email and/or social media lead generation platforms.  

So finally, you really can put your list building on autopilot! And your dedicated account manager is always on hand to provide guidance on how to get the most from the tool. 

Once you have saved your searches, the AI kicks in!  The tool will start to mine the social web for all relevant B2B contacts. Once these has been sourced, the data will go through a multi-step verification process where contact details are validated against the initial search criteria and data fields are scrubbed clean (e.g. first names are capitalised and companies have their entities such as ‘Ltd’ and ‘Inc’ removed).  

The resulting ‘campaign ready’ data is then automatically sent directly to your email and/or social media platforms as Suspects in order that you can introduce your products and services to your target market. 

The data sync between the SalesLeadGen tool and your lead generation platforms is achieved natively or using the Zapier workflow engine (additional costs apply).  The set up of the data sync is handled by our support team within the plan – as is advice and guidance on setting up the email/social media lead generation platforms that we use in our managed services if you don’t have any existing technology in place!

If you would like to outsource your lead generation process, you should take a look at either our Managed Outbound service for generating Prospects or Managed Allbound service for generating MQLs.