Leads are obtainable for everyone, but what people seem to forget with B2B lead generation is that you need to mix things up a bit. It’s not the same as generating a new marketing campaign for your customers, it’s about getting personal and communicating with other businesses in a way that makes them feel as though they have already started working with you. Looking for ways to drive new leads to your sales team? Well, we might have just the trick for you below.


Up Your Content Marketing Game 

Research what your target customers like and want, learn to tailor your content to them. Create posts that are engaging and informative, with clear information that really grips them. Make sure everything is researched, that the language you use is correct for the situation, and that the content is high in terms of quality. Remember the key advice: quality over quantity.


Boost Your Socials 

A whopping 62% of marketers will tell you that social media platforms like LinkedIn are highly effective for B2B lead generation, and with 104 million active users every day it’s clear to see why. It’s an effective form of advertisement and engagement, so make sure that you work on keeping it both updated and relevant. Even in B2B, in addition to LinkedIn, you should explore the social media ‘Big Three’ (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to see whether your target customers consume content on any of these platforms. 


Step Up the PPC

Since SEO and social media marketing take time to develop and bloom, PPC is the best way to get quick results when you need them most. If you know who your target audience is, this is the easiest form of engagement and lead generation. On the downside, it can be really expensive, and there are times where it turns out to be more of a risk than a benefit. Remember, there are different ways to use PPC, so research them all and see which ones might work best for you.


Get Creative with Cold Emails 

Cold emails are actually really effective, but here’s the thing, you’re doing them wrong. People make the mistake of just doing a copy/paste job with no personality. Address the person you want to speak with directly, make it personal to them, and add a little bit of yourself to it. Humour, amusing references, anything that makes it feel as though it is from a person that took time to write this individually rather than generically.


The Biggest B2B Secret 

Here’s a secret that will shock you about B2B lead generation – most businesses don’t actually know where the leads come from. If you look at any chart depicting the origin of lead gains, you would see all the standard stuff there (like above), and then the biggest section; ‘other‘. What does ‘other’ mean? Where does it come from? They have no clue, and neither does anyone else… Until now. We track every aspect of our lead generation to the finest metric, allowing us to fully understand where the ‘others’ are coming from.


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If you feel like we have covered all bases, then you might be asking yourself… What’s the final takeaway? Don’t focus on one aspect of lead generation – focus on them all.



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