Leveraging an influence marketing strategy can be highly beneficial for your business if done properly. While it is not suitable for some brands or business types, those that are suitable to implement often fail to see the opportunities they are missing.

Nowadays, users have gotten better at ignoring the different kinds of advertisements they encounter. Ad blindness often leads to a waste of resources for businesses that are trying to get their products/services out there. 

Several brands or marketers have started relying on influencer marketing to reach their target market more naturally — pushing content to where they are.

If you are having doubts about investing in this kind of marketing, below are ways on how influencer marketing can be beneficial for your brand/business:


1. Builds Brand Trust and Establishes Authority

One of the many benefits of influencer marketing is that it easily shows potential customers that well-recognised individuals from the industry find your brand trustworthy. Most influencers often agree to only mention or partner with brands who provide quality products/services so as not to ruin their credibility. 


2. Helps enhance the brand’s content strategy

Influencer content adds variety to the content you share on your social media accounts. Aside from variety, it provides you with more content that users will willingly share on their personal accounts because they value the opinion or recommendation of the influencer they are following.


3. Reach target market effectively

Influencer followers often have several things in common. Hence, collaborating with a particular influencer can make it easier for you to reach users who are already interested in what you offer. It is also more effective since influencer content is published in channels where your target market/potential customers often spend their time.


4. Easily influence the user’s purchase decision

One of the most notable effects of influencer marketing is its power to influence the user’s purchase decision. Some studies have shown that the influencer’s recommendation often has a great impact on what products/services their followers will purchase. Several users rely on social media to find products suited to their needs and a lot of these users often check on what people with authority are saying about certain brands.


5. Helps increase ROI

Unlike other types of paid advertisements, the reach of influencer content is often not limited. Users can easily share these types of content as much as they want across different channels, often increasing the chance of the content going viral for days. Influencer marketing may be more costly at the onset, but its results and ROI often outweighs the cost.

Before investing in an influencer marketing strategy or collaborating with a particular influencer, here are some questions you need to ask:


  • How many users are actively engaging with the influencer’s post?
  • How much and what kind of engagement are they getting for each post?
  • What kind of followers do they have?
  • What kind of relationship do they have with their followers?
  • Will their followers be interested in the products/services you offer?
  • Is the influencer recognised as an industry expert outside social media?


Remember that the key to creating an effective influencer marketing strategy is knowing the audience you want to influence. Finding an influencer whose followers fit your criteria can only be done once you have defined your target market.

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