Create Energy In Your Sales Team Via New Opportunities – Part 2

Should you force your sales team to generate leads?

As discussed in part one of our series on creating internal energy, very few salespeople enjoy, or are particularly good at, generating leads. However, despite that universal truth, all salespeople absolutely have to have the ability, wit and wisdom to be able to make a personal call on a key player in any deal that they are involved in when necessary.

That being said, should they then also have to spend days following up on dead or dormant accounts?; pursuing lists of names that are often out of date?; meeting rejection after rejection and, often not reaching the right people in an organisation due to call fatigue or burn out?

If those are the drivers in the business, how difficult is it to retain energy, confidence and real sales talent?

What might happen if you follow this approach?

You will have a team that is good at the initial knocking down of doors and getting the proverbial foot in … and not much else! Also, don’t expect subtlety, creativity, empathy, active listening, trust or long term relationships if you are only cultivating a team of door breakers not innovators.

A high turnover of good salespeople is probably the biggest problem you will face. Folks losing the urge to come to work is almost certainly another.

Be objective – can you do this effectively for your business?

Really good salespeople are difficult to find and keep at the best of times. Everyone else – and this certainly includes the competition in your business space – want your good people on their team and recognise the long term effects that losing them will cause you. The alternative option is that of using your lesser regarded sales people to cold call. The law of unintended consequences then dictates that they will not leave, but neither will they find quality leads. The upshot of this approach being that your good people will be frustrated and you will still be stuck with the non-producers – a lose-lose scenario.

Getting back to the headline of this article of ‘creating new energy in the team’, losing staff means coming last in the sack race and that is pretty much the opposite of creating energy. You need to constantly be energising your team and ensuring you are doing everything possible to retain your best salespeople so…

Call in the professionals

Why do I recommend this? Well, professional lead generation companies have the tools – including the best candidates, with the right skillset – to do the job to a high standard on a continual basis, meaning with their help you will be introduced to new prospective clients on a regular basis who have been cherry picked and followed up with professional consistency.

They will use the closing skills that are part of the lead gen skillset to set up that crucial first meeting with a new prospective client, which will breathe life and excitement into your team, giving them the space to do what they are really good at – demos, meetings, presenting and negotiating. Selling.

Do you really want your sales force to suffer the pain of having to do what they are, at best, ill-equipped to do? Or, would you rather embrace the opportunity to grow and develop the team while working with a professional partner focussed on your lead generation requirements? Just something to consider when you are contemplating the most effective use of your staff resources…