Save Time Through 3rd-Party Generated Leads

Effective time utilisation is a crucial concern for any salesperson or manager. Dale Carnegie, the doyen of sales professionals, was convinced that successful or not, the more effort and time he put into sales calling, the greater would be his reward. By contrast, according to Zig Ziglar “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hours a day”.

So, the time dimension is (and should be) qualified by the quality of the direction of our effort.

The early part of the sales funnel requires significant amounts of time and energy. This phase includes:

  1. Defining the target market and gathering a sufficient number of relevant contacts.
  2. Getting in touch with those people via a carefully designed ‘nurturing process’, including telemarketing and email marketing.
  3. Assessing responses, scoring contacts, and defining the best leads.

It is during this particularly time consuming phase that eases the burden, taking charge of the above steps so that the process can move forward as seamlessly as possible.

What to do next?

Having made a decision to partner with an organization such as, there must be a clear process when reviewing the leads that the company receives. The sales leader in the company needs to take advantage of the time saving that is on offer with the outsourcing of lead generation by implementing a systematic approach involving:

  1. Logging the lead in the internal system with all necessary detail.
  2. Assessment of the lead involving whatever high level qualified approach one is comfortable with. Some companies, for example, use the SCOTSMAN approach:
    • S for Solution (do we have one?)
    • C for Competition
    • O for Only Me
    • T for reasonable Timeframe
    • S for Size (is the deal too big or too small)
    • M for Money (budget)
    • A for Access to the right people
    • N for Need

Qualification is always an on-going process. However, by using good judgement at this stage of the sales cycle, you will be able to focus on the leads with the biggest chance of success.

  1. The allocation of leads to the team. As discussed in previous blogs, this exercise needs to be fair, but also designed to develop the maximum value possible to the business. The next step with a fresh lead offered up by the 3rd party lead generation company would be to book a meeting, have an initial phone call or schedule and online demo. Is at this stage that your internal sales team could really excel – the “meaty” part of the sale – without having to spend the time to get the leads in the first place.
  1. Follow up process – essential for measurement purposes and to assess the quality and benefit of working with a Lead Generation partner. It is in this phase that can also add real value and support.

It is difficult to measure the worth of the time saving benefit of the 3rd party lead generation process exactly. However, some metrics need to be considered. If, for example and depending on the business that is involved, one deal comes from a lead received over a period of time, say 6 months, this would typically pay for the cost of all leads received. In that case, the cost of sale time on that deal would need to be factored in. If you are ahead of the game at this point, then 3rd part generated leads are going to work for you and save a great deal of time.