Sales Lead Generation Lead Case Study

How dedicated prospect management helped a US tennis firm smash their demo target.

10sPortal is a US firm based out of Austin, Texas who provide solutions for tennis clubs, pros & players. They offer powerful software that helps tennis clubs run their operations more effectively. The 10sClub software gives amateur and professional clubs access to a huge range of tools that allow owners to run their clubs in the smartest and most efficient way possible.


10sPortal had some success with traditional approaches to generating sales leads. This focused on researching potential prospects, manually adding them to CRM systems, and then contacting them with direct mail or email marketing. The results were mixed. Leads would often be added to the pipeline but would remain unqualified. This led to lower than expected conversions in a market that was already notoriously difficult to close sales.

They wanted to harness the skills and experience of a lead generation expert to bring in highly qualified leads and add an extra layer of project management to the process. And that’s where stepped in.

Solution used their experience and target market profiling methodology to quickly understand 10sPortal’s US market. They then utilised their planning processes to confirm the initial target market and scope, and designed an outbound email marketing cadence and schedule that would have the biggest impact.

Alberto Genty, CEO of 10sPortal says:

“We knew from past efforts that maintaining the data – and keeping it clean as prospects move through the pipeline – is always the hardest part.”
“And was excellent at this. Their list management and the accuracy of the data we were presented with throughout both campaigns was exceptional.” were able to maintain a steady flow of qualified and warm leads with their personal email qualification approach. This meant all email responses were handled individually and assessed for their interest and need. The approach of having a dedicated Account Manager personally managing all prospect follow-up gave an extra layer of qualification to make sure that no leads slipped through the net.


The results were impressive. The campaign delivered 31 confirmed demo meetings with new prospects in just two months. This was equivalent to a pipeline value of around $105,000. 10sPortal was also delighted to be able to spread their message to a large number of clubs in the country. And they were impressed that were able to reach out to prospects in a way which reflected 10sPortal’s professional, courteous and personal approach to lead generation.

Nick Gilbert, Managing Director, said of the 10sPortal project:

“We knew how important warm leads were to Alberto and the 10sPortal team. This meant that our automated email marketing capability, combined with our personal follow-up and qualification approach, was a particularly good fit.”
“We were therefore able to constantly qualify the level of interest for a large number of prospects. And this was information that we could feed back in real time and use to shape the ongoing 10sPortal campaign strategy.”
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