Brightbolts Build Their New Business Capability

Brightbolts is an e-learning company who specialise in financial awareness training. Their products range from bite size 'snippets' of scenario-based learning right through to fully customised and bespoke e-learning and managed learning solutions.


Brightbolts' inbound sales strategy has been supported by an innovative website, regular blog activity and a growing social media presence. However, MD Dave Jones wanted to put some serious structure around an outbound sales campaign that would generate consistent and qualified leads for him to pursue.

This was particularly important because previous attempts to build the capability to generate and pursue leads in-house had been unsuccessful. Brightbolts were aware that their small team didn't have the right systems or processes in place. They were also struggling to manage the balance between important client delivery and new business development.

The management team acknowledged that they'd need external support to help build a campaign that would start quickly and maintain engagement and motivation in their team.

Dave Jones, Brightbolts MD:

"We'd run a 1-month trial for lead generation before. The results were... OK.

"It was effectively just a small set of data and a one email process. But the expectation was then for us to immediately follow up with calls, which to the prospects felt a little too 'salesy'.

"We probably got four leads in a month but we wanted better."


That's where came in. In order to soften and refine the sales messaging designed a process that was better suited to the needs of Brightbolts. MD Nick Gilbert:

"We knew that an approach that felt less intrusive but that still delivered results in a timely fashion was required. We were quickly able to understand what Brightbolts were looking for and build a process that met their needs." began by providing a set of targeted contacts – a set of data that matched Brightbolts specified target market. They then designed and implemented a three stage process which introduced and developed Brightbolts over the course of several weeks.

Dave Jones, again:

"The three stage process was extraordinary. It's different because we're actually targeting the buyers of our services in our target firms. The first email – which gently asks if they're the right person to talk about our service – very quickly opened up lines of communication with prospects that our sales team could follow up. This is all supported brilliantly by the CRM which makes managing all the tasks and updates really easy." were able to provide their fully managed lead generation service to Brightbolts. It helped remove all the time-consuming elements of business development. The highly automated system then handled "suspect" contact creation, email campaigns, scheduled follow-up, response tracking and lead nurturing – all delivered via a customised CRM that is visible to the client. And all using the latest social selling techniques.


This approach was a winner. Dave Jones has been thrilled with the ongoing success of the campaigns:

"This has changed the game for us. We had 14 qualified and engaged prospects by the end of that very first month. And we've repeated this process with campaigns over five more months – each one of them has opened up new markets for us. Taking time to get the right data and then taking time to build the right approach to converting these suspects into real, tangible prospects has had a demonstrable positive impact on our bottom line."

Nick Gilbert, MD of on the Brightbolts story:

"We're delighted with the outcome for Brightbolts. We've been able to demonstrate that our method of lead generation is efficient. That it generates consistently higher open and click rates. And that it presents business development managers with much higher quality leads than simply cold-calling a purchased list of.. shall we say... indeterminate quality."

And, as Dave Jones comments:

"We'd recommend this service to anyone who wants to close more sales. Simple as that. We've just signed up for another six months and we can't wait to get cracking!”