MidKent College Triple Their New Business Meetings

MidKent College is one of the largest further education and training providers in the South East. It provides an extensive range of learning and training services from its two centres in Medway and Maidstone. MidKent College pride themselves on providing flexible courses in a supportive environment – and top quality learning from some of the best teachers in the business.


The MidKent College team faced a specific set of issues. They wanted to talk to the Managing Directors of SMEs all across Kent to discuss how they could achieve long-term and strategic business growth by investing in apprenticeships. And they also wanted to develop these discussions to help explore their other courses and training opportunities.

They’d had some success with some larger cross-sector campaigns but felt that they were casting the net too wide. As a result they’d identified that their sales team were spending too much time in the office trying to arrange meetings, and not enough time at meetings talking about what MidKent College could offer. They took the decision to partner with salesleadgen.com to see if some focused lead generation would improve their hit rate.


salesleadgen.com used their target market profiling process to identify the key markets and areas for MidKent College to focus on. The result was a highly targeted solution focused on two areas: office based apprenticeships in business administration, sales, and IT; and a second tranche focused on apprenticeships in fabrication and welding. All were targeted based on their geographical location to the college campuses.

Salesleadgen.com used their 3-step email cadence technique to generate high quality and qualified leads. They were also able to provide the MidKent College team with continuous feedback on how the campaign was progressing, and provide real time improvements to process.

For example, there were initially a number of industries and job titles that had been selected for targeting. The salesleadgen.com dedicated account manager for MidKent was able to analyse the initial response and then fine tune the campaign, to focus on the most responsive areas and draw out the maximum number of leads. This included targeting specific people within each organisation, such as HR, Operations and Office Management roles, as opposed to relatively time-poor Managing Directors or Owners.

Campaign execution was aided by the salesleadgen.com cloud-based CRM, which reported on all elements of the sales campaign and gave transparency over the key performance information.


The success was immediate. In just two months, salesleadgen.com generated 41 qualified business leads. Salesleadgen.com used their sales and marketing email 2.0 techniques to engage with the target market, before confirming the correct client contact and their level of interest.

The salesleadgen.com team were then able to form a strong relationship with members of the MidKent College sales team when handing over a generated lead – and helped to maximise the opportunities for the college. And, as a result of this, the MidKent College sales people were able to spend three days per week in meetings – instead of just one - a significant improvement.

Jacqui Brown, head of Business Services said:

"salesleadgen.com were fantastic and they have certainly been the most effective outbound lead generation agency we have worked with. They quickly understood the key target areas of our market, which was instrumental in helping us meet with our ideal potential customers.

"The consistent flow of leads really energised my sales team who are at their very best when they’re out talking to customers. And because we’re managing our pipeline more effectively, our planning and our forecasting is now significantly improved.

"I can heartily recommend the salesleadgen.com team and their brilliant process to any business looking to win more work."