The Lead Generation Approach That Launched


As an Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) Recognised Centre with a disruptive proposition, needed to get in front of as many of their ideal target customers in the shortest possible time to gain a foothold in the market.

Being a sales training business, they were well placed to evaluate the best lead generation services available to them and initially due to limited resource, plumped for the support of an external telemarketing company.

When results were not in line with expectations, it was time for a rethink. Having already had early success with its technology-led approach to sales training, the business decided it would use technology to create an unbeatable lead generation process that would act as the sales engine to drive the company’s growth.


The first task was to carry out extensive research of the sales improvement/lead generation market to evaluate the raft of sales tools and resources that were available. This included trialling and using various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email marketing platforms, business database/contact tools as well as experimenting with different email and telemarketing approaches.

Whilst these various tools and approaches were being evaluated and tested on live sales campaigns, so too were a number of freelance telemarketers who were used to compliment’s in-house team and expand the scope of each month’s lead generation campaigns.

By combining the ISMM best practices that they delivered in their sales training programmes and through trial and error of the above options, a seamless integrated lead generation process was created.

This approach was built around the following four components:

  • Cloud-based CRM – giving all parties any time, any place access to key campaign information
  • LinkedIn research – enabling ideal target customers to be contacted each month
  • Email marketing – automating various email approaches to engage prospects
  • VOIP telemarketing – providing complete visibility and control of all in-house and external calling


This integrated lead generation approach, was proven to deliver the best lead generation campaigns and quickly became the sales engine behind the company’s incredible 400% year on year growth.

The streamlined technology-led process enabled to punch above its weight in terms of the number of contacts it was able to both add to its campaigns and engage through automated email marketing activity. In addition, telemarketing time became more efficient and effective as calling lists were able to be dynamically prioritised depending on each contact’s email marketing engagement level.

Over time, the business was also able to look at past results to calculate how many contacts were required for each monthly sales campaign to generate the required volume of new customers. This introduced real consistency and control to the company’s sales pipeline and provided the platform to grow and scale the business accordingly.

One important associated benefit from this whole exercise was the fact it sparked many conversations between and its customers about their own lead generation challenges. It quickly became apparent that there was a demand in the customer-base (and beyond) for the kind of lead generation approach that had created.

It was therefore decided to expand the team to continue to focus on disrupting the sales training industry with its work-based sales learning solutions but to create an offshoot sister company to deliver this new technology-led, integrated approach to sales lead generation.

The new company was formed as and companies of all sizes can now benefit from its Sales Lead Generation as a Service.