A New Sales & Marketing Plan For Socially Bright

Socially Bright are an independent creative digital production studio based in south London. They make apps, websites and content for connected devices and work with a broad range of advertising agencies and brands to help bring their digital dreams to life.


While Socially Bright has a client list of huge brands, including the BBC, TopShop and Toyota, they are a relatively well-kept secret as they didn’t have and real sales and marketing activity in the business. Socially Bright had operated with the same internal structure for carrying out sales objectives for years, with the main sales channel limited to customer referral.

After several successful marketing campaigns, Managing Director Tom Gueterbock decided that the company had outgrown its current internal system. He completed a sales training programme with saleslearn.com and was able to create a brand new sales and marketing plan for the business. The programme focused on the end-to-end sales process, tightly integrating sales automation software with best practice new business prospecting techniques.

Unfortunately, Socially Bright didn’t have the capacity internally to carry out the initial lead generation and outreach activity required and so they turned to salesleadgen.com.


Lead Generation activities were initially carried out to support the first quarter of Tom Gueterbock’s annual sales and marketing plan. The appointed account manager, Will Debenham, worked closely with Tom to refine the target market profile for Socially Bright, based on extensive experience of working with and researching contacts using LinkedIn.

Socially Bright’s highly polished and engaging website was chosen as the main sales support tool, as it provides demonstrable evidence and social proof of their unparalleled digital experience and expertise.

salesleadgen.com developed a ‘drip’ email marketing campaign, which introduced various parts of the Socially Bright website to their target audience, over a series of steps. This activity was then followed up with targeted personal email activity by the salesleadgen.com account manager to qualify and then prioritise leads. The result was the set up of a combination of discovery calls, web and face-to-face meetings.


Since combining his previous training from saleslearn.com, with a partnership with salesleadgen.com, Tom and his team have been able to actively promote their services to their target market, while continuing to work on various development projects and managing existing relationships.

Socially Bright have been able to test and refine their ideal target market profile; in terms of working out what industries have the highest demand for their services and also which are the easiest to engage with.

This has resulted in the generation of 34 “leads” over two months which are a combination of calls, web meets and face-to-face meetings. Overall, this has generated a project-pipeline of over £300K and closed new business of £40K.

Managing Director Tom Gueterbock has nothing but praise for the new sales system established with salesleadgen.com:

“I genuinely enjoyed the process of working with salesleadgen.com. They bring a passion and energy to the whole lead generation and outreach phase of the sales process, which it would be difficult for us to achieve ourselves internally.
“They are not only responsive and agile in responding to our various requests, but they also challenge us, in a good way, by introducing lots of ideas into the mix on ways we can accelerate our growth.”
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