How marketing funnel expertise helped a sales team nurture and close more highly qualified leads

Video Arts is a provider of soft skills training delivered by brilliant video. They combine TV and movie standard production values with self-study e-learning to help businesses deliver intelligent, entertaining, and effective training. John Cleese co-founded Video Arts in 1972 to shake up the formal classroom experience and use entertainment to capture the imagination of participants. And so the humorous training film was invented...


Video Arts were already focused on lead generation. They were generating a good number of leads every month from their marketing campaigns and had a sophisticated automatic process to move their leads down the sales funnel. However, they had a relatively new team of four sales people and were recruiting for more. This meant that they were short of some of the experience needed to convert their colder leads.

They wanted support from a specialist outbound lead generation agency to be able to quickly bring in more highly qualified leads for the team to convert as they developed their skills and expertise. And that's where came in.

Solution used their dedicated market assessment methodology to quickly understand the sophisticated marketing approach already in place at Video Arts. They utilised their sales and marketing knowledge and experience to give additional insight as they identified key target areas for the campaign and finalised the Lead Gen Plan.

Sally Winter, Head of Marketing at Video Arts says:

"The SLG team's experience was evident straight away. They were great at giving us extra assurance on our approach, as well as some challenge when it was needed!"

"Their ability to 'get' our USP and provide really useful input into the messaging we should use for the campaign was very valuable."

Throughout the three month campaign provided real time data on the campaign. Through their optimisation process they provided regular updates to Video Arts using dashboard reporting to provide a transparent breakdown of all the campaign metrics. They also gave feedback on which messages were working the best and offered possible alternatives to make sure the campaign was constantly optimised.

Nick Gilbert, Managing Director said of the Video Arts collaboration:

"We recognised Video Arts had an existing and successful marketing approach already so we looked at other ways to add value. We were able to act like an outsourced sales development function."

"And by using our process we were able to penetrate their market with a 2 week time frame - rather than the normal 3-6 month ramp up period for a new junior sales team."


Video Arts were pleased to build a significant pipeline from the three month campaign. And from that they’re confident that this will convert into recurring revenue. In addition, they expect more opportunities to come from the approach in the longer term.

Sally Winter, again:

"The campaign brought in strong pipeline of warm and well qualified leads for us which is great. The sheer volume of prospects we could target meant we also reconnected with an old client which was particularly pleasing. I think any business that wants to bring in high quality leads should try Nobody knows the marketing funnel like Nick and his team.”

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