Due to the improvements in technology, almost anything can be purchased online nowadays. While it makes transactions more convenient, it also made it harder for businesses to establish a steady audience, and more challenging to develop trust and brand loyalty.


Since it is almost impossible to check the quality of products or services, consumers often rely on the opinion of those who have already done business with a particular brand, seller, or service provider. Before visiting a particular store or business, a lot of potential customers will browse the internet for more information, often looking at what other people have to say about the quality of service or product that the business offers. The feedback of other people may greatly influence their decision on whether or not they will convert as customers.


What are Google Reviews?

Google Business Reviews allow users to share their thoughts and experiences with a specific brand or business. It does not require users to install any app, which makes it more convenient for the user to share their feedback. Users can write reviews about a place or business the have visited or leave unique and relevant information that may be useful to potential customers.


Google reviews are also helpful in leveling the playing for local businesses who have limited resources and are unable to compete with the flashy marketing tactics of bigger brands or businesses.


What are the benefits of Google Reviews?


1. Improve local SEO

Google reviews can help in increasing your brand’s online exposure, as well as boost your local SEO. 


Before the internet, people used to share their experience with a particular business via word-of-mouth, which is helpful in developing the brand’s image. With today’s technology, this can be done by sharing reviews on different online platforms. Reviews also act as social proof that your product/brand is trustworthy. 


Local businesses that receive good reviews from their customers also have better chances of ranking higher in local search results.


2. Develops brand trust

As mentioned above, many consumers will do their research about products or services before they purchase or visit the store. Consumers often use this information to determine the quality of products/services offered by local businesses. Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to trust brands or businesses that receive positive feedback/reviews from their customers.


Users can also leave negative reviews about brands or businesses if they are not satisfied with the quality of the product or services they were provided with. While these negative reviews can hurt the business, it can also be used as an opportunity to engage with customers and find out how you can do better the next time. Treat the negative review as an urgent matter and respond as soon as you can on how the issue can be resolved. 


3. Increase conversion

Potential customers are more likely to buy your products/services if they see how much you value your existing customers. This is why the positive reviews left by your customers and your immediate response to negative reviews are crucial in establishing the image that you want customers to see. 


Aside from establishing a good online presence, positive reviews can also help you get more sales. This may be from new customers who have heard or read about your good services or repeat customers who are happy with the quality of your work.

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