Outbound marketing lets you build relationships with new and existing customers outside of your website and email campaigns. But oftentimes, a persistent salesperson makes customers feel either anxious or annoyed.

Outbound marketing is the ongoing process of attracting and retaining customers. Some examples of this include cold-callingdirect emailingevent sponsorshipsbillboards, etc.

For reference, imagine moments where mallgoers avoid making eye contact with salespeople handing out flyers at the mall. The salespeople notice this—and yet they still ambush the people subtly trying to get away.

Even if you mask it as persuasion tactics, you can’t remove the feeling of having crossed a boundary with the people you approached. It puts them on the spot, and that makes them uncomfortable.

But when done correctly, this type of marketing should be low-pressure and provide a refreshing break from all the other sales pitches your customers receive on a daily basis.

With that said, here’s how you can conduct outbound marketing without annoying anyone:


1. Don’t be desperate

Always stay classy and accept when they tell you ‘no’. Your actions could give the brand a bad reputation if you persist. And it’s likely they’d want to work with you or your company in the future.

And like with the given scenario, read the room and don’t force your products and services on anyone who doesn’t need it. Respect people’s boundaries and up your strategies instead. That way, you’d be less likely to waste anyone’s time.


2. Research your leads well

Market research is vital when gathering your prospect data lists, but it clumps each company together into a generalized bunch. Diving into research before each individual call or email can boost your chances of connecting with your leads.

Tailoring your message to focus on their pain points and how your company can provide them with solutions will go a long way. It’s the easiest way to convey your expertise and that you pay attention to their needs.


3. Don’t overload them with information

It can be off-putting to witness a salesperson ranting about all the good features of a product. In the worst-case scenario, people will perceive you as over-eager to sell and make a profit—which leads us back to the first tip.

At your first meeting, it’s better to only lay down the features that would benefit the client most. This is easier said than done, especially when you admire the product or service you’re trying to sell. As soulless marketing and sales professionals can be, they’re also very passionate.


4. Be transparent

For customers, hidden charges and conditions are the absolute worst. That, and finding out that the features that got them sold actually don’t exist. In essence, the lesson here is don’t trick customers.

As a marketer, it’s true that you should always present them with value and nothing but. But it doesn’t excuse omitting key details or stretching the truth for your advantage. You’ll only be leaving people disappointed and doing more harm than good for your company.

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