A lot of businesses nowadays focus on spending their resources on marketing and growing the business. Because of this, they tend to neglect the security of their websites, digital properties, and technology. 

Since many businesses don’t see the point in keeping their security up to date, it takes longer to detect any attacks on their website, network, or system. During the time that the attack goes unnoticed, cybercriminals have the chance to take any valuable information they can use to exploit money from businesses or insert malware codes that may damage your digital properties or compromise the security of your data.

Whilst it is difficult to find the ROI of allocating resources for security, it is something that business owners must pay attention to, especially if the nature of the business is handling sensitive information provided by customers. Keeping your website, digital properties, and technology protected means keeping your company’s and customers’ data safe from attackers.


How can you detect cyber threats or cyber-attacks?


Use an anti-virus software

Installing an updated anti-virus software that can detect different kinds of malicious email attachments, malware, ransomware, and spyware is essential in keeping your website and digital properties safe from cyberthreats. The software helps in securing your data by reporting or alerting your tech support or security staff if the program detects any malicious codes or related issues. 


Monitor threat detection logs

Since cyber threats and attacks have become more rampant lately, a lot of cybersecurity platforms started adding advanced logging capabilities to their offers. These logs allow the business owners or their tech team to detect any suspicious activity in their networks or system. Monitoring and checking logs regularly can help your security or tech team to detect various threats, as well as investigate issues that may compromise the security of your properties.


Run security tests regularly

Business owners or tech teams must sometimes think like the attackers in order to prevent cyberattacks that may compromise your data. It is important to run penetration and security tests regularly. Whilst the tests don’t directly protect your data, it can help in detecting any vulnerabilities in your web applications, network, or systems. It can help in identifying any anomalies such as outdated software or applications, authentication errors, configuration problems and other issues. It is very helpful in identifying areas that cyber terrorists or cybercriminals can exploit to either damage your brand/business or cause you to lose precious work hours to solve the problems.


How can detecting cyberattacks save your business?


It helps protect your customer’s data

One of the primary reasons why detecting a cyberattack is crucial is to keep any valuable information provided by your customers safe from attackers with ill-intentions of using the data for their benefit. Your customers have entrusted you with important/sensitive information and it is crucial that you keep it secure at all times. You may lose the trust of your customers if their personal data is leaked or compromised.


It can protect sensitive data and valuable business assets/properties

Security breaches can happen whether you’re a small or large business, oftentimes attackers don’t want anything from you, they want your customer list and whatever sensitive information provided by your customers or business partners. Sometimes they want to use your website, web application, or system to inject malicious codes that they can use to steal data from your customers.

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