Advertising to expand your brand to an international market requires more work and attention to small details that are crucial in driving relevant traffic to your ads.


If you are planning on creating a new campaign to target an international audience, here are some of the things that you need to do:


1. Do some research about the location.

While it may seem irrelevant to some extent, doing some research about the country and its surroundings is crucial in forecasting the ROI of your advertising/marketing efforts. 


Taking time to do enough research about the location and surrounding areas will help you determine shipping costs and modes of transportation in the area. With this information, you can come up with a variety of offers to get the attention of your international audience.


2. Choose larger cities.

If you are looking into expanding your market to a new country, the ideal approach is to target large or major cities where you can get a broader audience reach. 


Depending on what kind of products/services you offer, targeting business hubs and larger cities will allow you to see larger volumes of search traffic, as well as give you an opportunity to target more varied demographics to reach.


3. Check your timezones.

It is highly recommended that you check the timezone of the country you wish to target. Using this information, you can create an appropriate ad-schedule for the international market you want to reach. Knowing when your potential customers are active can help you get more chances to reach your target audience without wasting your resources to keep your ads running in a specific location 24/7. 


If you’re running ads on a limited budget, try to figure out when your target audiences are more active and schedule your ads to show only during this time. 


4. Use consistent language for your ads and landing pages.

Another thing you need to look into is making sure that the language used in your ads is the same as the language used in your landing page. Doing this increases your chances of getting a higher quality score, which ultimately helps you get more reach for a lower cost.


Meeting the expectation of users once they land on the page will help keep them on the page to see what you have to offer. 


When possible, use multiple languages if you are targeting different countries. This will allow you to get you ads shown to users who are using another language on their computer or mobile device.


5. Perform extensive keyword research.

When you perform your keyword research for international campaigns, you can’t just search for common queries used by people to search for related products/services. You must also be aware of some nuances and language/spelling differences in order to get relevant traffic from international markets. 


Create ad copies using common words that people are using to look for certain products or services in certain countries. Even if you are targeting different English-speaking countries, it would be best to find out if they are using British or American English spelling.


You may also perform a Google search to see how your local competitors are advertising to drive more traffic to their websites.

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