Outsourced Lead Generation

Sales Manager Challenges

As a Sales Manager or Director you have several key challenges.

How will you:

  • Hit your team/company sales target this year?
  • Attract and retain the best sales talent?
  • Manage your sales pipeline effectively?
  • Develop the relationships you have with your existing customers?
  • Ensure you generate a continuous supply of qualified sales leads?

This is a big list. Let us help you with that last one – how to generate leads on a continuous basis.

Current sales thinking says that you should have specialists working on each stage of your sales process – lead generation, sales closing and relationship management. This all makes sense to us.

The last two parts of that jigsaw are often relatively straight forward to address as your experienced sales staff will generally fall into either the “closer” or “relationship builder” camp and therefore can be positioned accordingly. On the lead generation side, things are often more tricky as experienced staff are either too expensive a resource or quite frankly are just terrible in that position, as they lack either the appetite or skill-set to make it work.

Bringing in younger, less experienced staff is an option and certainly will represent cheaper resource however often these members of staff struggle in an environment where they are the only people cutting their teeth on the pointy end of the sales process and simply don’t know how to generate leads.

The logical conclusion may therefore be to look at outsourcing your sales lead generation but Buyers Beware! Historically the options available in this sector have been to engage an expensive marketing agency to create an inbound content pipeline and build your brand (but not be tied to any tangible targets) – or to use a telemarketing company to buy in some data and hammer the phones (with the results often being somewhat disappointing).

Our Solution

At salesleadgen.com we take a more intelligent approach to this outsource challenge. Our B2B lead generation packages provide the solution that busy Sales Managers and Directors are looking for (our MD was on your side of the fence up until a few years ago after all, paying for outsourced lead generation!).

We appreciate that outsourcing is often associated with losing control and visibility. That is why as part of our fully managed service we make all our calls using our CRM integrated VOIP telephony system so that you can see call stats and even listen to the conversations we are having with your prospects. Want qualified sales leads sent directly into your CRM? – Again not a problem, this is all part of the control and visibility provided within our packages. We also operate on a flat fee, no commission or bonus required, so you can manage the fixed cost in your budget with ease.

To find out exactly how we can help take away this key challenge and help both you and your team exceed target, please check out our range of Sales Lead Generation as a Service packages.

Our Lead Generator Packages

Three lead generation service options - all include our full campaign planning & copywriting service:

Jump Start

$3,500 Per Month

  • Email marketing lead generation with full copywriting service, dedicated Account Manager and weekly review calls:
  • 1,000 Contacts
  • Website Visitor Engagement
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Sales Engine

$4,250 Per Month

  • All Jump Start features, with:
  • 1,500 Contacts
  • Personal LinkedIn Marketing
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$5,000 Per Month

  • All Sales Engine features, with:
  • 2,000 Contacts
  • B2B Twitter Marketing
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