Lead Generation For Small Businesses

Small Business Pressures

As a small business ourselves, we understand the pressures of juggling balls and spinning plates simultaneously (sometimes it feels like you are juggling plates and spinning balls doesn’t it!).

The pressure to focus on your core business (what you provide to your customers) whilst keeping supporting functions going is what makes running a small business tough. Our core business is sales lead generation so that comes easy for us but we appreciate for many businesses this is an area which they either have don’t have any expertise in or indeed the appetite to focus on.

The front end of a small businesses’ sales process is incredibly important – “feeding the sales pipeline” is an expression often used when discussing this area of sales. The issue is that it is not as simple as just reaching out to potential customers in the hope that they will have an interest in what you do.

Sales lead generation can be a minefield if not planned correctly and without the requisite battle scars of trial and error, can often be an expensive and unrewarding process.

This is where we can help as sales lead generation for small businesses is a specialism for salesleadgen.com (we have the trial and error battle scars to prove it!)

Our proposition is called Sales Lead Generation as a Service for a good reason. We help you answer questions like who is your target customer and how can you engage this market? We then, following an initial briefing session, will design, build and execute targeted monthly lead generation campaigns on your behalf.

Benefits of Sales Lead Generation as a Service

Outsourcing the lead generation stage of your sales process to a specialist like salesleadgen.com does not need to be a daunting one. The technology-led nature of our solution ensures you retain full control and visibility of your lead generation campaigns progress – including the ability to see how your target market are engaging with email marketing and even listening to the phone conversations we are having with your prospects.

Beyond the obvious benefits of increasing the volume of qualified sales leads coming in the advantages of working with salesleadgen.com include:

  • No time consuming hiring and managing of in-house resource
  • Access to a highly experienced team working across multiple sectors already
  • A flat monthly fee, no additional commission or bonus payments
  • Complete visibility of the campaign activity through our systems
  • Access to our CRM platform to manage the remainder of your sales process
  • Consistent qualified sales leads each and every month without fail

To find out exactly how we can help you grow, please check out our range of Lead Generation Services.

Our Lead Generator Packages

Three lead generation service options - all include our full campaign planning & copywriting service:

Jump Start

$3,500 Per Month

  • Email marketing lead generation with full copywriting service, dedicated Account Manager and weekly review calls:
  • 1,000 Contacts
  • Website Visitor Engagement
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Sales Engine

$4,250 Per Month

  • All Jump Start features, with:
  • 1,500 Contacts
  • Personal LinkedIn Marketing
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$5,000 Per Month

  • All Sales Engine features, with:
  • 2,000 Contacts
  • B2B Twitter Marketing
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