Our Managed Lead Generation Service is what we are famous for – it is a full outsource of your lead generation process using an ‘Allbound’ approach and is something we have been delivering successfully for our customers in a range of markets since 2015.

So what is Allbound you might ask?  Well, this is our own in-house lead generation method of combining both outbound and inbound marketing channels in an integrated approach in order to maximise the results we can achieve. This is your entire lead generation process on autopilot!

Marketing Automation

The managed service uses the SalesLeadGen data feed, which fuels our campaigns with high quality B2B contact data, with the tool being administered by our team along with our suite of agency email and social media lead generation platforms. 

This is a fully managed end-to-end service where we work with you to define your ideal target customer, create Suspects for your campaign using the SalesLeadGen tool, use a mixture of outbound and inbound marketing assets to generate Prospects and then finally convert people into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in the form of booked introductory calls, meetings and demos.

Each customer campaign is managed by a dedicated account manager who is a central point of contact in the planning stage, manages the day-to-day lead generation activity and also conducts weekly review calls where results are discussed and optimization steps are agreed.  

If you want to see how we have helped others with our managed service, you can take a look at our Case Studies.

If you already have your own marketing tools in place and simply want access to unlimited B2B contact data for your campaigns, please see our B2B Data Plan. Or instead, if you don’t have any existing technology implemented and would like to completely automate your prospecting, you should take a look at our Automated Prospecting Plan.