Marketing has changed and will continue to change over the years. Hence, it is important for business owners and marketers to understand how these changes can affect their conversion. 


Just by doing a little research, you can find a variety of marketing checklists and best practices that you must follow to ensure the success of your campaign. Unfortunately, there will be instances when your campaigns won’t generate as many conversions as you expected even after following all best practices. 


What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel refers to each step that website visitors must take to become your customers. Marketers and business owners use sales funnels to determine what content or advertisement they must serve to their customers (depending on where they are in their purchase journey) to encourage them to convert into customers.


How to optimise your sales funnel to increase conversions?

If you ever find yourself wondering what went wrong with your marketing efforts, it is best to look into your data to see what worked and which parts did not resonate well with your prospect customers. 


Here’s what you can do to optimise your sales funnel:


1. Increase brand awareness to attract more customers


While it is tempting to focus on getting more leads, it might be more beneficial for the business if you focused on getting quality leads instead of marketing to inactive or uninterested customers. It is ideal to focus your marketing efforts on introducing your products/services to users who are more likely to need them. It might help to ask yourself these questions:


– Is there a gap in the market that I can exploit?

– What are my competitors doing?

– What can I do to outperform my competitors?


Focus on creating offers or content marketing and solutions that are more likely to resonate with users in every stage of the purchase journey. If you see a gap in the market that your product/service can fill, use it as an opportunity to attract more users to your landing page.


2. Encourage customers to perform the required action

The best way to get prospects to perform a required action is by building a connection and appealing to their emotions. It is crucial to make them feel that you understand their needs and emphasize how your product/service is the solution they have been looking for.


One of the most common mistakes committed by marketers is not serving the content that users expect to see when they perform the required action. This often leads to a content disconnect. Keep in mind that the best way to convert your prospects into customers is meeting their expectations. They performed the action that you required in exchange for something they are interested in that you promised to give in return. 


3. Plan Your Content

Focus on serving appropriate content that your prospects want to see at every stage of the sales funnel. When possible, use your existing data to determine what message your prospects want to receive at certain stages of the sales funnel. Choose a message that is appropriate for each stage and reinforce the message by adding relevant and appealing visuals. If you don’t have enough data, test different kinds of content to determine what type of content resonates well with different users. You can also use the new information to segment users and serve them the right content moving forward.


Several studies have shown that nurtured are more likely to convert and checkout with higher basket value compared to other customers. When designing your funnel, consider what kind of programs you can offer to prospects that can be beneficial for both parties. It is ideal to come up with solutions that can solve your prospect’s problem and at the same time can be beneficial to the brand. 


Make it a goal to serve the customers with what they expect to avoid losing their confidence in your products/services. Once they give you the information or perform the required action, it is only fair that you give them what you promised (e.i. a discount coupon or a useful article).

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