Today, if you are trying to sell something online, one of the best ways to promote your service/product is through ads. And while it’s a very effective tactic to get more people talking about your brand, some entrepreneurs remain sceptical about paid advertising, and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are some of them.



  1. They don’t think it’s necessary.

More traditional business owners think that the word of mouth and their number of years in service are enough to keep their business going and relevant. While those could really help a business, you have to keep in mind that the market is getting more and more competitive every day. People have also been more aggressive with their marketing strategies since the pandemic started.


  1. They are not confident that it’s going to work.

A lot of people think that just because they have an ad running, that means they will wake up with a ton of sales the next day. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

The thing about advertising is that it takes a little bit of trial and error to create a campaign that could actually work, which obviously would involve more money and effort. But if you’re really determined to reach your goals, it’s definitely worth a shot.


  1. They think that it’s expensive.

Is online advertising really expensive? The real answer is yes and no. Honestly, it depends on your goals and your industry.

For example, if you compare the cost of advertising for retail vs insurance, it’s almost always a guarantee that you’ll be charged more for the latter.


  1. They don’t want to be annoying.

In online advertising, there’s what we call a frequency, which is the average number of times your ad was served to each person.

Ideally, you want this to be as low as possible because you don’t want your target audience to see your ad too many times as this could make them less responsive to them, or worse, get annoyed by them. If you’re noticing that your ad frequency is getting high, you can always add a cap and/or change something in your campaign like your copies, creatives, and/or offer.


  1. They feel like they are too late in the game.

Even though certain markets are starting to become overcrowded, that doesn’t mean that there’s not a chance for your business to grow anymore if you start to advertise now. What’s good about being in the online world is that there are always plenty of opportunities for everyone.


Final Thoughts

Advertising might not be the most appealing thing in the world since a lot of business owners see it as an expense, rather than an investment. However, unless you try it, there’s really no other way to tell whether there will be a return or not.

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