B2B Lead Generation Solutions


High quality and qualified. The sales leads you've been waiting for...

Our lead generation service has been carefully crafted based on the unique insights we have gained from helping businesses grow their pipelines in various challenging markets.

We have created a lead generation solution which brings together target market profiling, email marketing and telemarketing in a retained monthly service. Why? So we can share our expertise to help businesses like yours generate consistent and qualified leads from month one.

Our intelligent approach to lead generation will enable us to identify and engage your ideal target customers and then qualify leads on your behalf. Leaving you and your team more time to do what you do best: closing more sales.

Jump Start

$3,500 Per Month

  • Email marketing lead generation with full copywriting service, dedicated Account Manager and weekly review calls:
  • 1,000 Contacts
  • Website Visitor Engagement
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Sales Engine

$4,250 Per Month

  • All Jump Start features, with:
  • 1,500 Contacts
  • Personal LinkedIn Marketing
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$5,000 Per Month

  • All Sales Engine features, with:
  • 2,000 Contacts
  • B2B Twitter Marketing
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Sales Funnel

salesleadgen.com manages the first half of the sales process on your behalf, so that you can focus solely on converting qualified sales leads into paying customers.

Sales Funnel - top half entirely managed by salesleadgen.com

How The Process Works

Market Assessment

1. Market Assessment

Discovery Call

You want to know how you can start bringing in high quality and qualified leads from month one. We want to know everything we can about you, your market, and your proposition. That's why we kick off every campaign with a discovery call. We use it to get under the skin of your business. To learn the nuances of your market place and understand how you currently find your leads. You use it to learn how our process will work hand in hand with yours.

Target Market Profiling

Once we've identified your target market for the campaign, we get to work profiling your ideal target customers. We’ll research the companies in the sectors and locations you want to focus on, along with the relevant decision-making contacts, in order to build up a picture of the overall size of your market.

Market Brief

When the results of our analysis are in we'll provide you with a comprehensive Market Brief. It contains all the details of the opportunity of your target market as well as a breakdown of our lead generation recommendations for the campaign.


2. Planning

Kick-off Call

We'll introduce you to your dedicated Account Manager who'll walk you through and expand on the Market Brief. We'll also dig deeper and talk to you a little more about what makes your proposition so good. Your USPs, how you talk to the market and your tone of voice. We'll also take a look at the competition and learn what your existing customers look like.

Campaign Preparation

The secret to a perfect campaign is in the quality of the team. We'll draw on the expertise of our wider team of experienced copywriters and data researchers to create your full Lead Gen Plan. Together they'll help your Account Manager prepare effective content and messaging for your email marketing and acquire the right target market data for the campaign.

Lead Gen Plan

The master plan. We'll confirm the initial target market and scope. We'll create a carefully tailored multi-step email marketing process for your approval, and we'll agree a schedule for the email cadences so they'll have the biggest impact. And it's all shared with you via a collaborative online platform called Trello so you'll have access to your tailored Lead Gen Plan at all times.

System Setup

Finally we'll take care of all the technology. We'll configure a dedicated CRM on your behalf and setup a campaign sending domain and email address – which will be used to send out our automated multi-step email marketing cadences and to follow-up Prospects with on a 1:1 basis.


3. Execution

Email Marketing

We start with a fully automated multi-step email marketing cadence that has just one goal: to turn your Suspects into Prospects. We use our tried and tested version of the 'Cold Calling 2.0' email marketing method to get the results you want. Our approach tests the recipient’s interest in your proposition and encourages them to either engage directly or refer us to a relevant colleague.

1:1 Email Qualification

We handle all email responses on an individual basis. This means we can constantly qualify the level of interest and need for each Prospect but also understand why certain Suspects are not a good fit. This allows us to gain valuable market insight, which we feed back real time into the ongoing campaign strategy.

Dashboard Reporting

See how your campaign is progressing with regular management information shared with you every week and followed by a monthly summary. We'll give you detailed breakdown of all the metrics in the campaign including Suspects contacted, Prospects engaged and Leads generated.


4. Optimization

Multi-Step Split Testing

The devil is in the detail. That's why we continually test our email marketing cadences to make sure that our approach is as effective as possible. We'll split test key variables such as subject lines, message content, writing style and the types of target customer we aim for. This way we'll generate the maximum number of leads in the shortest possible time.

Regular Review Calls

We'll be in touch regularly to give you updates. Your Account Manager will set up weekly review calls so you can discuss campaign progress, the split test results, and anything else that's on your mind. We'll also provide a full monthly review where we will discuss the ongoing strategy of the campaign and the sales pipeline.

Intelligently managed lead generation = High quality and highly qualified leads.