Prospect Data provides a master list that categorises companies by location, industry, company size, and company type. Lists provide a valuable source of potential customers for businesses looking to expand. It can be difficult to find quality leads for your business, but lists compiled by data providers can help.

But there’s a smarter and faster way of compiling prospects instead of manually scouring the internet. For small businesses, there are 3 ways you can get a prospect data list. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Hiring lead generation services or automation

  • Hiring an appointment setter

  • Using prospecting tools to scrape for leads

Of course, the third option is free of charge—unless the tool has a fee. And it’s always encouraged for every entrepreneur to have experience gathering prospects themselves. With that said, here are some of the best tools online where you can find lists of prospects:


1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the most popular and most used platform for B2B sales professionals to get in front of their prospects and drive conversations. Every day, more than 100,000 LinkedIn users come to LinkedIn Sales Navigator looking for new connections and generating opportunities. They want to know who they should be connecting with, what the best way to message them is, and what relevant information they can share to have a better conversation.

Since this is a social platform for professionals, it’s an automatic client database for B2Bs. But LinkedIn in itself has its boundaries to maintain the users’ privacy. This is why LinkedIn Sales Navigator functions as a paid extension so sales professionals can access it as a database.


2. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is also a social platform that’s more like a directory of new and upcoming businesses and products. Businesses have the ability to submit their products, apps, and unique services to an active audience. It also allows businesses and clients to interact online and discover services they never knew they needed or even existed.

They’ve recently expanded their platform to have a Collections feature, enabling users to filter out businesses by their specific niches. This is where it becomes handy when building your prospect data list. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free.


3. Clutch

Clutch is a platform centred around digital agencies from all over the world. They have everything from digital marketing, advertising, as well as mobile, web, and app development. If agencies like this are your target market, then it’s the most convenient database around—more so than LinkedIn.

Primarily because it comes with a lot of reviews from users and staff. This subtle feature may not seem much but it allows users to discover specific pain points for different agencies. Making it easier to strategize your way of pitching your services to them. Research like this may come with a lot of work, but it gives you a list of prospects that are more likely to say yes to your proposal.

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