Every business thrives on gaining new customers. This has always been an important part of running a company, but with increasing competition from all sides, the emphasis on gaining and retaining customers is more vital than ever. 

There are lots of different ways to attract custom. No matter how great your business, without people knowing about it, the company will falter. One way to draw in new customers is to perfect the art of the cold email. 

Now taking the place once occupied by cold calling, a cold email will compel your prospect to engage with the business and ultimately tempt them to make a purchase. 

Here’s how to get your cold emails right, time and again. 


Grab their attention 

Your opening line will make the difference between an email your prospects read, and one they ignore. The same principle applies to the heading you use for your cold email. With so many emails in their inbox each day, potential customers need something extra to click on your message. Personalisation is handy here, as is emphasizing where your offering differs from the hundreds of emails they’re used to rejecting. If you’re reaching out to a company you want to do business with, then make sure it’s clear you understand their business and industry, as well as their personal journey.

Your opening statements should be easy to comprehend and focused on the action you want them to take. Maybe you want them to purchase your product, or want to arrange a meeting, or simply want to advertise your new website. Whatever your goal, weave it into your opening statements and keep their interest. 


Add value 

Remember, your email marketing needs to add value to glean results. Make sure you outline the ways in which you and your organisation can help your prospect. Why should they read the message? Why should they reply? These questions must be answerable based on what you’ve written. 

Make sure your goals are front and centre in your mind at the time you begin writing, and focus more on what you can do for the prospect than what they can offer you. 


Provoke action 

Ending your email with a clear call to action is the fast-track to getting what you want from the interaction. Without this element, your prospect won’t know what the intended outcome is, so even if they want to work with you, buy your products or discuss further, they won’t know how to help. 

As with all other elements of your cold emails, keep the content personalised and targeted towards each individual you contact. This is the most straightforward way to achieve your goals with a winning message. 

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