Marketing campaigns in the past were usually characterized by a provider selling an offer to prospects. Outbound marketing, usually plays a large role in this strategy.

But now, the marketing world is changing and so should your approach.

Many marketers are now shifting their focus to inbound marketing. This is because they’ve found that their results improve when they offer value and entertain their customers instead of merely selling them a product.

But the question is…


Is Inbound Marketing Better Than Outbound Marketing?


To answer that question, it is important to know your purpose first and foremost.

Every company wants to brand itself in its own way. Usually, people use strategies that fit in more with what they have to offer.

Thinking of it as a spectrum, rather than black or white, maybe one step closer to what you need. So keep these tips in mind as you go forward:


1. Build an audience

Inbound marketing requires an audience that can easily be reached through a variety of channels. But more than just fishing for potential clients, try to build an audience by providing them with value instead of a product to buy.

There are many different ways that people choose to do this. It could be through print or online ads, commercials, or even through the use of social media.

By building an audience, companies are able to foster deeper relationships with their customers in the long run.


2. Provide content they can subscribe to

The more often you put your product out there, the easier it becomes for others to know about and recognize who advertised said product.

Create content that will attract customers to your product through education. Some examples of this are:

  • Newsletters

  • Blogs

  • Video content

  • Instagram reels

  • Posting on TikTok

Over time, customer opinions have grown in power. This means that they now expect well-written content that is entertaining and interesting to them.

It’s no secret that people scroll through their social media timelines throughout most of the day. So use this fact as a tool and try to make yours stand out!


3. Widen your reach

By creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, you’ll be attracting non-customers to your channels as well. And this isn’t a bad thing.

Establishing your credibility and expertise with people outside of your customer base is just as important. Since they can market your brand to others by word-of-mouth if the need arises.

As for customers, they’re more in-tuned with the brands they choose to buy from. So if they don’t connect and identify with your content, they won’t be loyal customers in the future.

This is especially challenging since there are other similar products competing in close proximity.



In the current digital age, it’s more important than ever to have an online presence that is easy for customers to find.

Inbound marketing provides a way for marketers to develop an engaged audience that increases sales conversion rates.

Marketers use strategies to increase one’s chances of swaying audiences to purchase your product. In order to do this, marketers put time and effort into creating content that relates to the service they offer.

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