Let’s talk about Coca-Cola.

Even without showing you any of their products, you probably could picture out their company logo, which is that curvy flowing white script, written on a red background. Now, imagine if someone uses the same font for a random poster. We’re pretty sure that you will recognise it too.

The thing about Coca-Cola is that, even after being in the industry for over a century, they have always been very consistent with their messages and visual identity, which is what branding is all about.


What is branding?

Contrary to popular belief, branding is not limited to a brand’s name, design, and colours.

It’s beyond that. 

Branding is also the company’s values, purpose, and reputation. Any affiliation with another business and/or person can also affect it, which is why a lot of companies are very cautious whenever they choose someone to partner with as this affects how consumers see their brand.


Why do you need it for your business?

Here are some of the reasons why branding is crucial to your business.


It helps people recognise your brand.

Whether it’s on billboards or social media, one of the main benefits of branding is it lets people identify your product. In a way, this increases your brand’s value because it lets consumers become familiar with your brand. And, who knows, maybe next time they might even consider availing your products or services.


It unites your business.

Having an established branding makes it easier for all the teams in your company to work on your business. This is because it helps them align all their goals and efforts with your brand’s message and personality.


It builds an emotional connection.

Good branding isn’t just about having awesome creatives and copies. It’s also about forming a great bond with your customers. Once your customers see that you’re authentic and that you share the same values as they do, they tend to care more about your business. And this usually leads to brand loyalty.


It separates you from your competitors.

A well-established branding can help consumers distinguish you from all your competitors. And even if they try to copy you, you can be confident that your brand will still stand out.



Branding is everything. It’s your logo, your products, your message, your employees – everything! It’s also the link that connects your company to your customers. If you want your target consumers to recognise you and remember you, it’s one of the aspects of your business that you might want to prioritise.

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