To build a strong relationship with your audience, you should constantly provide high-quality, relevant content. It could be in the form of articles, e-books, photos, videos, podcasts, or whatever you think is popular with your target customers. Regardless of the niche, any brand should be able to share something valuable to their customers if they want to create impressions, engage with customers, and attract prospects.

So, what exactly should you be sharing? One of the most effective contents that can drive consistent traffic for any business is evergreen content. 


What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is any article, post, or video that is not time-sensitive. If you’re into botany (or maybe not), you probably have heard of the term “evergreen” before that refers to the type of plants that could retain their leaves for years. Just like those plants, evergreen content is expected to stay fresh for a long time.

The most usual types of evergreen contents are how-to guides, listicles, best practices, product reviews, and top tips. As a general rule, to know if your proposed topic has an evergreen potential, you can just ask yourself: “Will people still find this interesting next year?”


Why do you need evergreen content?

Because they retain their relevance even after years of publication, evergreen content can consistently attract new visitors. And naturally, if your audience finds value in your content, there’s a good chance that it will get shared; either on their own website or on social media. As a result, your page will start getting links, which is one of the most important ranking factors of SEO. 

Another benefit of having evergreen content is that it gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise with your posts. Over time, it can help build your credibility and authority that can attract not just a huge wave of visitors, but also potential customers. 


What about timely content?

Just like evergreen content, your brand can benefit from posting timely content too. For one, by posting a piece of time-sensitive information, you’re doing your audience a favour by updating them about what’s happening around; and that boosts your credentials. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook this one either. 



Evergreen content can definitely drive visitors to your website for years. As long as it retains its relevance, you can retain your business’ value, as well. However, a good content marketing strategy doesn’t only rely on it. It relies on a good balance of evergreen and time-sensitive content.

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