We all can’t deny the fact that Google plays a big role in our lives. Whether it’s for school or work, we rely on it heavily to get the information that we need. In fact, studies show that 91% of internet users use Google as their search engine; which only shows that it has the power to influence decisions. Because of this impact, it’s not really surprising why the number of businesses signing up for its services is increasing.

Today, one of the most popular tools that Google has to offer is Google My Business. And while there are still a lot of businesses that haven’t signed up for Google My Business, the only reason that we could think of is that they don’t fully understand how it really works and what they can benefit from it. So, let’s give you an idea.


What is Google My Business?

To all those who aren’t familiar with Google My Business (GMB), it is a free listing tool that helps businesses manage and optimise their Business Profiles on Google, mainly on Search and Maps. While other local listings like Yelp, Apple Maps, Bing Local, and Facebook Local exist, there are a few good reasons why Google My Business stays on top of the list. 


What could it offer to my business?

Think of this scenario.

You are driving to a different city. You noticed that you’re almost out of gas. Obviously, the next step is to find the nearest gas station. If this was in the ‘80s, we’ll be asking a random person for directions. Luckily, things are a little bit easier now. All you need to do is type in “gas stations near me” on Google and you’ll find your way there.

Because Google offers the easiest solutions for any query and people depend on its results so much, it only makes sense why you should be building your Business Profile on their platform. It’s simple, really. It’s where your customers are, so it’s where you should be too.

What’s also good about signing up on GMB is that it lets you put your business in front of a lot of potential customers with no cost at all. As already mentioned, GMB is free. Therefore, there’s really no reason to think twice if it’s worth creating your profile or not.

On top of that, GMB also lets customers leave feedback about your business. As a matter of fact, 90% of customers depend on online reviews before purchasing a product or availing a service. Therefore, being on GMB allows you to improve your brand image among your potential clients. And because you’re generating more organic clicks, it’s also improving your SEO at the same time. Thus, increasing your chances of getting sales.



As the market gets more competitive these days, businesses almost always feel the need to find ways to get their brands out there. Given all the benefits that Google My Business can offer, it’s certainly a tool that you might want to try out for your brand. 

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