If you didn’t know, client personas are a representation of who your ideal customer is based on data and market research. Armed with this information, you can gain a clear understanding of your target audience and this gives you a greater level of understanding when it comes to where you position your products and services, so why should you collect data for your client personas?


It Delivers Detailed Analysis

You cannot rely on luck when it comes to understanding your audience. When you collect the right data, it will enable you to work with analytics that look at your website and as well as your social media channels to determine what visitors are interacting with your brand.


You Can Target Social Media Campaigns

When you gain an understanding of the people who are interacting with you through your social media channels and your brand, you can determine who your target audience is. This data will enable you to develop client personas that feed into your social media campaigns. You can then post and share content that resonates with them and encourages them to take action.


It Provides Feedback

When you collect data to build a buyer’s persona, you will be able to determine what they dislike, their pain points and what they hope to achieve, enabling you to create a more detailed and deeper persona. Using different individuals and data, you can then work to present the right products and services to the right people. This will enable you to target them and show them how your products or services can provide a feasible solution that will help deal with their problem or help them achieve their goals.


Identify Buying Behaviours

You can build client persona’s based on previous orders as this will give you a clear indication of who your target audience is. You can use some of the data to identify their language, location, income, age as well as their interests and activities. With this information readily available, you can encourage potential buyers to make certain purchases based on this valuable data.


It’s About Understanding Demographics

This is an integral part of building a client persona because along with all of the research you have conducted, you can see what actually makes up your ideal customer. This will consist of certain characteristics and can include their age, where they live, their job and even information about their family, pets, children and their spouse. While not every person within your customer group will align with the characteristics, it does provide data points that represent the group.


You Can Stay One Step Ahead of Competitors

Through building client persona’s, you gather all relevant information that makes it possible to understand more about your target audience. This will allow you to focus your attention on communicating and engaging with the right people and that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Data should not be underestimated when it comes to understanding your audience. With the right data and the correct approach, you can make a significant difference in sales and the reach of your brand when you target the right people.

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