Nowadays, every aspect of running a business can be outsourced—including a company’s marketing team.

It’s become extremely popular when it comes to tasks that businesses don’t want to or don’t know how to do. Popular examples of outsourced services include lead generation, graphic design services, and financial management. All of which focus on singular tasks with an industry professional.

And while outsourcing has more pros than cons like reduced costs on employee benefits and office space, it isn’t always the wisest business strategy to make. Especially on something as important as the company’s marketing team.

So in this article, we’re discussing 3 of the best reasons why you should opt for an in-house marketing team instead of outsourcing it.


1. They’ll never know your company better than you do

As the company’s owner, you are the most knowledgeable about the company’s values, branding, and culture. All of which are the primal things that should shine through in your marketing efforts.

Having an in-house marketing team who’ll be invested and focused on your company has a significant change in the results you’ll garner. They’ll be able to track the progress of your company and have a better sense of direction. Whereas in a marketing agency, you’ll only be one of many clients they’re working with.


2. Ironically, they’ll know too much about your company

The biggest benefit of working with marketing agencies is their diverse knowledge of strategies for similar and varying types of businesses. By working with an external group, you’ll have to sacrifice many of your company strengths and trade secrets.

Even without name-dropping, they can use this information to help their other clients. Generally, by presenting minor details found in your company as weaknesses. This is why companies are often warned about how much company information they should share whenever they outsource services.


3. It’s just not cost-effective

Outsourcing a marketing team means paying for the strategists, copywriters, content writers, graphic designers, ad specialists, web specialists, and analysts that make up the whole team. There’s a lot that goes into digital and traditional marketing that makes it so expensive.

Investing in an in-house team of multi-talented professionals can skyrocket any startup or SME. If office space and its costs pose a problem, you can always opt to have a remote team. Which also helps diversify the company and the knowledge at your disposal.



As tempting as it seems to work with a marketing agency, it’s wiser to build and handpick your own in-house team. With the help of a capable HR manager, you’ll have a dedicated team focused on your companies long-term goals. As opposed to a marketing agency that handles several clients at a time.

You’ll also be forced to give up a lot of trade secrets as well that they could use on a competitor client. The same way in which you’d benefit from their knowledge of handling similar businesses. So if you’re a company that prefers to keep most of its interests private, this isn’t the way to go. And if reducing costs for marketing is your main priority, there are other solutions to lower the costs of hiring in-house such as opting for a remote team.

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