Advertising on Facebook is now considered as one of the most highly effective ways to market your brand online. With at least 1.69 billion active users per day, there’s no wonder why a lot of businesses resort to Facebook to grow their businesses. Another reason is the targeting options. On Facebook, you can target users based on location, demographics, age, gender, interests, and behaviours, which helps you be more specific with your ads.


While the platform has been proven to yield excellent results, some marketers still experience campaigns that won’t deliver, and here are some of the reasons why.


1. You did not test your ads.

You have all the freedom to decide which type of creatives and copies to put out for your business. However, you have to know that this can also affect the overall performance of your ads. 


If you really want to make sure that you’re using the best version of your ads, consider split testing (A/B testing). This can help you identify which image, text, placement, etc. are resonating well with your target audience and which ones aren’t.


2. Your audience is too small.

For an ad to run, Facebook requires advertisers to target at least 1,000 active users. While that sounds easy, some advertisers still couldn’t meet this requirement since they are being way too detailed with their targeting.


If this happens, you can either add more interests or behaviours and/or expand your demographic restrictions. You may also create a lookalike audience of your current audience to reach new users.


3. Your offer is not captivating enough.

Perhaps, your ad isn’t delivering because your audience didn’t find your offer compelling. 


Did your ads solve any real problem that they might have been experiencing? 

Did you highlight your advantage over your competitors? 

Is the current market in need of your products/services?

Before you create an offer, make sure you understand what your customers want/need first. The key is to conduct a thorough research about your ideal customers, so you can have an idea on how and when you should be offering your products/services.


4. You have low-quality ads.

Last year, Facebook released some advertising restrictions that are linked to low-quality ads.


“Low-quality ads on Facebook, such as ones that include clickbait or direct people to unexpected content, create bad experiences for people and don’t align with our goal of creating meaningful connections between people and businesses. We are now going further in our efforts to limit low-quality ads on our platforms by disapproving more of them and reducing distribution for more ads in our auction.”


Even with that statement, some brands still use exaggerated language and misleading texts to advertise their brands. While it’s pretty common nowadays, it’s something you might want to avoid if you don’t want your adverts to get flagged.


5. Your budget is too low.

You can’t really expect too much from an ad if you have a really low budget, especially if you’re trying to run a conversions campaign. Depending on what you’re trying to sell and your target audience, it can definitely get a little expensive.

If you’re not willing to increase your budget, a solution would be changing your objective to a much cheaper one like engagement or video views.



Facebook advertising is a great way to expand your reach and turn leads into conversions. While it’s very easy to navigate, that doesn’t mean it will be stress-free all the time. Check the list above next time you experience some issues with your ads!

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