Today’s technology made it easier for anyone who has a computer or mobile device to access information anytime and anywhere. Consumers can easily search the internet to learn more about a certain brand, product, or service before making a purchase. Because of this, businesses must make sure that their products or services are available where their customers are. 

To avoid missing opportunities to get more conversions, it is best practice to be present in every platform where potential customers may look for your business. Using different social media platforms to increase your presence and reach online. Even if you already have a Facebook Page, it may be beneficial for your business to have an Instagram page. Here’s why: 


1. Instagram users are more engaged

Whilst Facebook remains to be the more popular platform, some studies found that Instagram users are more engaged in published content compared to Facebook users. Instagram ads also tend to get more engagement from users, making it an ideal platform for businesses who wish to get more engagement and build a connection with their potential customers. 


2.  More options with stories and features

You can use stories and featured stories to create more variety in the content you share with your followers. Even though Instagram Stories are only visible for 24 hours, these types of content are ideal for showing behind the scene images and videos for certain projects or behind the scenes of your daily operations. You may also choose to keep your favourite stories using Featured stories (for business accounts only) so your followers can see them after 24 hours. 


3. Allows for more creative posts

Unlike other social media platforms that are commonly used by businesses, Instagram primarily highlights your images and videos. With proper planning and the right tools, you can easily give your Instagram Feed an impressive look that makes your followers want to keep coming back. You can choose a certain theme to follow to make your feed look more organised. Some business accounts and even personal accounts would sometimes choose a certain colour or shape and would post images and videos using these themes. 


4. Increases your visibility and reach

Having an Instagram account. Even if you don’t post often, it will allow your followers or clients to find you on the platform. Your customers can also tag or mention you on their posts or stories which will be visible to their followers. Hence, increasing your visibility and reach.


5. Provides more insights about your audience

Setting up an Instagram business account will give you access to the platform’s analytics. You can check your analytics account and dashboard to learn more about your followers, as well as track the performance of your posts. Using the data from your analytics, you will be able to determine which types of posts are getting more engagement from users, and which ones are not resonating well with them. Monitoring your posts can help you come up with a better strategy on how to improve your page’s performance.

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