No need to weigh up the pros and cons of technology versus humans - our hybrid "AI platform plus agency-style support" solution provides an immediate in-house lead generation capability to grow your business!

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Best in Class AI-based B2B Lead Generation Automation Software

SalesLeadGen is the best online B2B marketing automation / outbound lead generation platform available in the market.  It uses artificial intelligence to automate your lead generation by targeting and reaching out to decision-makers at your target customers with highly personalised messages.

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Harness the power of AI

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in your prospecting process, to free up time to focus on closing more sales.

Find your target customers

Our platform provides you with a live feed of high-quality target customer contacts which updates dynamically as people start new roles.

Automate your lead generation

SalesLeadGen works in the background as a 'data engine', removing the need for human involvement in your target list building stage.

Reach out to decision-makers at your target customers with automated messages

Turn list building into automated prospecting by engaging your target audience with multi-channel outbound campaigns, using both email and social outreach. And have your initial sequences written by the SalesLeadGen team to get off to the best start posssible!

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Customer Feedback On Our AI-based Outbound Lead Generation Software

SalesLeadGen is currently being used in a range of industry sectors to generate leads. Here are some recent testimonials from our happy customers. 

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