SalesLeadGen uses Artificial Intelligence to identify your ideal target customer, then scans the social web daily to provide you with high quality B2B contact data so that you can automate list building, prospecting or entire lead gen! 


Harness the power of AI to automate your B2B contact list building

In a world driven by sales, marketing teams and sales departments are struggling to identify and reach their target market. In fact, more time is now spent researching potential targets than actually presenting the solution! 

SalesLeadGen addresses this problem by using AI to learn your ideal customer profile, to give you access to your target market like never before, so you can put either part or all of your lead generation process on autopilot. Take a deeper look at how it works…


Welcome to the B2B contact data revolution.

A successful B2B marketing strategy is made up of many components but a ‘must have’ is a repeatable and scalable way to identify new contacts who meet your ideal target customer profile. Using SalesLeadGen you can automate this process, just like our clients below. 

With SalesLeadGen we finally have a tool that gives us complete visibility of our target market, and it has even freed up a member of our marketing team to work on other areas of our business!

Tom Salvat, CEO Concured

We use SalesLeadGen to identify new contacts in our chosen target markets. It allows us to reach out to these people within days of them starting their new roles (i.e. before our competition) to introduce our value proposition.

Robert Czachorski, CEO H20metrics

The unlimited data plan works well for us as it fuels our outbound campaigns in various markets both in the UK and overseas. To my knowledge no other data tool provides this option at this price point.

Tom Gueterbock, Managing Director Socially Bright

I love SalesLeadGen data as not only is it timely and fed directly into our systems, it is also automatically tidied and de-duped against our existing database so that it is 'campaign ready'.

Debbi Bavin, Head of Marketing Brady PLC

We have put together some case studies outlining how we use the SalesLeadGen tool ourselves to continually generate new Prospects and ‘Marketing Qualified Leads’ (MQLs) for our clients as part of our managed service. You can read some of the best here.

Alternatively if you want to know a little bit more, you can take a look at our Solutions section or if you have some questions you can get in touch and we will get straight back to you.