Case Studies

Tom Gueterbock
Managing Director

"I genuinely enjoyed the process of working with They bring a passion and energy to the whole lead generation and outreach phase of the sales process."

"They are not only responsive and agile in responding to our various requests, but they also challenge us, in a good way."

Alberto Genty

"We knew from past efforts that maintaining the data - and keeping it clean as prospects move through the pipeline - is always the hardest part."

"And was excellent at this. Their list management and the accuracy of the data we were presented with throughout both campaigns was exceptional."

Sally Winter
Head of Marketing

"The SLG team’s experience was evident straight away. They were great at giving us extra assurance on our approach, as well as some challenge when it was needed!"

"Their ability to ‘get’ our USP and provide really useful input into the messaging we should use for the campaign was very valuable."

Dave Jones
Managing Director

"This has changed the game for us. We had 14 qualified and engaged prospects by the end of that very first month. And we've repeated this process with campaigns over five more months – each one of them has opened up new markets for us.

"Taking time to get the right data and then taking time to build the right approach to converting these suspects into real, tangible leads has had a demonstrable positive impact on our bottom line."

Rory Vance
KnowledgeSmart CEO

"We've had some early wins which is great. But it isn't really about that: it's more about adding an extra string to our overall bow that was missing.

"That was: to expand our prospect pipeline and reach out to a wider number of people more quickly than we were able to do by ourselves. And that's exactly what's happening."

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Tammy Smart
Marketing Manager

"Nick and his team took the time to understand our product and our market, which is highly technical and niche."

"Their system then allowed us to drill down really quickly into the campaigns we wanted to focus on and gave us two large lists of relevant contacts to approach."

"All without us needing to invest significant time doing the legwork."