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Since 2013 we have been passionate about helping other businesses grow. We have used all this experience to build what we think is the most powerful lead generation platform on the market! But don’t take our word for it, read some of our latest case studies to see what our customers think.

Scale Your Outreach

Concured wanted to automate their prospecting to bring predictability to their lead generation.

Complete Market Coverage

TEK Express sought a way to reach new target customers in the most timely and effective way.

Multiple Channel Engagement

Excel Communications needed to implement a more holistic approach to their outbound marketing.

In-house Lead Generation

DNASTREAM decided they wanted an in-house lead generation capability without hiring.

Scale Your Outreach

About Concured

Concured believe in the power of content marketing. Founded in 2015, Concured was built to help content marketers better understand the interests of their audience so that they can deliver content that educates, inspires, and makes an impact.

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Proposition: Award-winning AI platform that takes the guesswork out of content creation.

Client Since:  Jan 2017


In order to grow their business, Concured understood the need to build a scalable and automated lead generation engine for their business – capable of identifying ideal target customers and engaging them with personalised messaging. 


Concured knew what to say, and who they wanted to say it to. However, finding the right prospects was time-consuming and labour intensive. So in 2017, they engaged SalesLeadGen (in our previous guise as a B2B marketing agency) to handle this ‘top of the funnel’ activity. 

Excellent results were achieved, with a continuous flow of new business leads generated over a 3-year period, but as the business matured, Concured still sought a true in-house lead generation capability. 

SalesLeadGen Solution

Fast forward to April 2020 when we launched the production version of the SalesLeadGen AI platform, Concured were one of the first customers to implement our new solution.

Working together we were quickly able to migrate our previous managed service process into SalesLeadGen – with the platform handling ideal target customer identification and engagement in an automated prospecting workflow. 

Although the underlying process has remained the same, the level of automation provided by the SalesLeadGen platform has enabled Concured to double its lead generation output while still maintaining a 1% conversation ratio from ‘target contact to marketing qualified lead’.

We've worked with SalesLeadGen for a long time and given our own AI expertise, were excited to be one of the early adopters of their lead generation platform. Put simply, SalesLeadGen has been a significant contributing factor to our recent revenue growth, and crucially also gives us predictability in our sales forecasts moving forward.
Tom Salvat
Tom Salvat
CEO & Founder

Complete Market Coverage

About TEK Express

TEK Express was formed in 2000 upon the realisation that non-office based workers received different treatment when their IT failed resulting in these workers becoming demotivated very quickly. 

So TEK Express was created to dedicate support for the remote worker with the sole intention to get these personnel up and running within a few business hours. Their tight-knit, incredibly loyal team and superior management systems are key to the success of their company and thanks to their track record of never losing a contract customer, they just keep getting stronger.

Industry: IT support.

Proposition: Recycle obsolete tech and increase ROI

Client Since:  November 2020


In need of a dynamic system and the ability to step away from static data lists, TEK Express began working with SalesLeadGen to monitor their target market and ensure they were one of the first to know when a potential prospect moved positions or company.


Having worked with purchased data lists before, it was nearly impossible to be as agile as the industry required. Lists of target contacts are static and when someone moved or changed jobs completely, TEKexpress found they were reaching out to the wrong people at the wrong time.

SalesLeadGen Solution

TEK Express already had a process in place for generating new leads. The main objective in their use of SalesLeadGen was creating dynamic target market lists which covered everyone meeting their ideal customer profile today and in the future – to provide complete market coverage! 

These dynamic data feeds were then synced with both email and social outbound campaigns so that new target customers were engaged with personalised messaging as soon as they became available (and far quicker than any of TEK Express’ competitors!).

SalesLeadGen is a unique piece of technology which solves a particular problem for us, helping us to engage our target audience in a timely manner and therefore giving us a real competitive advantage. Initial results have outshone any lead generation initiatives we have tried previously, and we have been impressed with the ‘set and forget’ nature of the solution.
Sam Francis
Sam Francis
Founder & CEO

Multiple Channel Engagement

About Excel Communications

Excel Communications balance innovation and technology with pragmatic, proven ideas whether we are in the classroom or learning remotely, meeting live or on-demand.

At the heart of Excel Communications are a friendly, engaging, personable team and some of the best trainers and coaches in the world, all with a passion for helping people realise their potential, empowering them to learn, grow and succeed.

Industry: Professional Training & Education.

Proposition: Corporate learning and development provider.

Client Since:  January 2021.


Focusing on one outbound marketing channel can be successful however Excel Communications decided it was time to explore a more holistic approach to engaging their target market in order to maximise their lead generation.


Having relied exclusively on outbound email previously, Excel were aware of the logistical difficulties in executing a multi-channel approach, especially one that allowed for ultra-targeted messages to be sent at scale.

System reliability when prospecting was also key to any new commitment, with quality and reliability of outreach being the priority over quantity. This would drive higher reply rates and ensure campaigns were protected from automated email filters.

SalesLeadGen Solution

Excel opted for our Automated Plan which provides more than just the SalesLeadGen data engine. It provides a completely automated prospecting workflow, where target customers are systematically identified and then engaged through multi-channel outreach at an agreed daily volume.

By using SalesLeadGen’s platform and proven ‘outbound pincer’ methodology for multi-channel prospecting, Excel have been able to increase their sales pipeline while freeing up time to focus on prospects and leads who have expressed an interest in their proposition.

Excel Communications
Email marketing has always been a staple for companies like ours. We chose SalesLeadGen though as it provides the ability to fuse that activity with social outreach. The benefits of this approach are already evident as we are seeing leads come through where target customers have engaged with us across both channels before booking intro calls!
Tom Hallett
Tom Hallett
Commercial Director

Inhouse Lead Generation


DNASTREAM are an independently-owned IT consultancy that helps organisations to achieve lasting benefits from the implementation and adoption of technology. Their clients trust us to give them honest advice, help them to grasp opportunities and apply pragmatic approaches to deal with challenges.

Applying proven approaches and methodologies, promoting deep engagement with stakeholders and focus on the proper adoption of change.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Proposition: Delivering sustainable business benefit from enterprise solutions

Client Since: May 2020


As part of their growth plans, DNASTREAM were looking to develop a stronger in-house lead generation capability to dramatically increase the number of new employers engaging them each month.


In order to acquire this capability, DNASTREAM had the option of hiring an in-house lead generator/resourcer but it was felt this route would take time and be difficult to scale, so an alternative technology solution was sought.

SalesLeadGen Solution

DNASTREAM selected the SalesLeadGen platform because it provided them with a genuine alternative to an in-house hire, performing the same function of identifying and engaging their target audience but at a much greater scale (and at a lower cost for that matter!).

During the 2-week onboarding process we were able to share all our outbound secret sauce – helping them pinpoint their ideal target customer profiles, create engaging messaging for both email and social channels and get their first campaign live. They now have a powerful lead generation engine running in the business, with the assurance of our support on hand as required.

What we really liked about SalesLeadGen is that in addition to the technology, you also get access to their ex-agency team as a resource. This expertise has already proven invaluable in both the onboarding process and the ad-hoc support they provide. The tools and support have helped us create some very specific new business and targeted installed base campaigns. This has resulted in us doubling our new business lead output.
Andy Milner
Andy Milner
Managing Director

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