It's been an interesting journey. Let us show you...

We have been generating leads since 2013. It has been an interesting time from teaching lead generation to automating the process. We have learnt a lot along the way, this is our journey. So far…

Generating B2B Sales Leads Since 2013



Launch of – a sales training company offering a mobile learning app that covers B2B selling skills including lead generation. 


400% growth achieves 400% growth and establishes itself as the market leader in mobile sales training. Customers begin asking for more than just training to help with their lead generation…


The birth of

A groundswell of demand has built up for fully managed lead generation campaigns for customers. And so to satisfy this demand, is born!


Lead generation experts

Our managed service expands, our team grows and our technology gets more sophisticated as we successfully generate leads in a range of different markets.


(Re) born in the USA

Having already established ourselves in the UK, our customer base expands internationally with 50% of campaigns now being run for clients in the United States.  


Taking the development plunge

Having identified the limitations of the B2B data tools available in the market, we develop our own AI platform in-house to generate contacts for our client campaigns. 


SaaS launch

Due to the success of our in-house application, we take the plunge and release a production version of the SalesLeadGen platform, moving away from our agency managed service and morphing into a SaaS business with our core ‘Automated Prospecting’ solution! 

Our Clients

DNA Stream
Network Telecom