We are in the digital age, which means everything and anything is online. While most businesses have embraced their digital overlords, not everyone has quite grasped how they can utilise social media to generate leads and form a better connection with their potential clients. It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B or B2C company, social medial lead generation is a vital part of gaining customers and traffic. Here are 7 quick tips to help you develop these links.


What is Social Media Lead Generation?

A quick look at what social media lead generation actually is. In its most basic form, it is using social media to gain new leads. These leads refer to those who are willing to leave their information with you so that you can follow up with them and complete transactions. It’s not particularly complex, it just takes time and a little work. 


#1 Optimize Your Profiles

Make sure your social media profiles for your business are completely up to date. Insert the relevant contact details, create call to action buttons, and add links to your bio. All of this encourages engagement with your content and gets customers interacting with you. 


#2 Create Clickable Content

Content needs to be engaging, data-rich, and something that customers want to learn more about. Create the kind of content that makes them click that “learn more” button. Make the call to action buttons accessible but not glaringly obvious. You want your customers to click because they want to, not because they feel forced. 


#3 Create User-Friendly Landing Pages

The user experience is key. Landing pages should be fresh, with concise content that lets them know what they are looking at and why without waffling. Make navigation easy, and really learn from the feedback that you are given to improve your website. 


#4 Use Social Ads 

These particular ads are aimed at marketers and can be found on pretty much every social media platform, but they are most prominent on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These ad formats are made for lead generation, and they can be a great way to get your paid reach out there without taking too much of your own time. 


#5 Give Them Incentives 

Your customers need an incentive, and sometimes it is the best way to get your name out there so that new customers can learn more about you. Discount codes, contests, gated content, these are all examples of strong incentives that will get people clicking and talking. 


#6 Personalise 

When you send out offers, make them personal. Use names, refer to them in a way that is colloquial and familiar. A cold and emotionless copy and paste job just won’t cut it anymore. People want to feel valued, and if you want their leads you’ll put the extra effort in. 


#7 Utilise Analytics 

Analytics and lead generation go hand in hand. If you are doing one, you are also doing the other. Analytics show you everything from how customers feel about you and your business, to how much they interact with each of your campaigns and what attracts new traffic to you. If you want better leads, you need to focus on your analytics and the results. 

Social media leads are not complicated, but they can be a little tricky to get in the beginning. A lot of it is down to hard work and patience, as well as dedication so that you stick to your plan and get everything done. Consistency is key, and making sure that your content is high in terms of quality and engagement will pay off massively in the end.

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