How intelligently managed lead generation engineered better leads and more sales for a niche manufacturing firm...

Fluorocarbon is one of the UK’s largest fluoropolymer processors. They operate from five manufacturing sites and specialise in the design and manufacture of complex machined components, PTFE seals, slide bearings, skidway systems, high performance engineering plastics, stock shape materials, and surface technologies.


Fluorocarbon had recently started a lead generation programme to supplement their existing business development activities. This took the form market research and analysis of existing customers to identify similar prospects who might be interested in Fluorocarbon products. They would then spend time conducting online searches to find the relevant buyer details, and then contact prospects via their sales team.

Fluorocarbon were disappointed by the conversion rates from this new approach. Although the list of contacts was tailored and hand picked, they felt that an outright cold approach was not working as well as it should. They also were concerned that low conversion rates were affecting morale and the 'buy in' from the sales team.

They wanted support from a lead generation expert to give their campaigns direction and focus. And that's where came in.

Solution identified the key target areas for Fluorocarbon and worked with their marketing team to make sure that the list of contacts was correct. They then used their campaign preparation methodology to complete a comprehensive Lead Generation Plan for Fluorocarbon to build the scope of the overall campaign.

As Tammy Smart, Marketing Manager at Fluorocarbon says:

"Nick and his team took the time to understand our product and our market, which is highly technical and niche."

"Their system then allowed us to drill down really quickly into the campaigns we wanted to focus on and gave us two large lists of relevant contacts to approach."

"All without us needing to invest significant time doing the legwork."

Together they built different campaigns for two separate business lines, which included two unique and tailored multi-step email marketing cadences, and regular monthly reviews. Then the proven lead generation methodology did the rest.

Nick Gilbert, Managing Director said of the relationship with Fluorocarbon:

"It was a fantastic challenge to work with Fluorocarbon. As a manufacturer of engineering products we knew we’d have to use our full range of target market profiling methods to get up to speed quickly."

"I was delighted when the initial campaign had already ‘paid for itself’ within two months, in addition to the longer-term benefits of having introduced brand new organisations into the Fluorocarbon longer-term pipeline."


Fluorocarbon were really pleased with the campaigns. Not only for the revenues and new customers that the campaign produced, but also for the positive effect on the future pipeline. As Tammy says:

"One of the good things about the approach is the number of prospects they can target. This means that we’ve been able to start building relationships with lots of new companies who we’d never thought to approach before. So it’s really helped us build our pipeline.”

The lasting legacy of the campaigns has also been to give valuable insight to the Fluorocarbon team about successful lead generation. Tammy, again:

"Since working with our sales efforts have been reinvigorated. We’re more responsive, and our sales and marketing team is motivated to warm up and chase leads, and build relationships with buyers. And that’s a great result for us.”

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