KnowledgeSmart Enhance Their Market Reach

KnowledgeSmart delivers skills gap analysis and benchmarking services to help Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) firms maximise their return on investment in technology, people, and client services.

KnowledgeSmart is the only online subscription offering that assesses and benchmarks construction industry software-user skills. This helps firms to hire the right people and as a result, creates new efficiencies and competitive advantage – to win more work and increase profit margins.


KnowledgeSmart had spent a lot of time building a strong market position and awareness of their brand. They felt confident defining and describing their message to their target market and were generating a steady pipeline of inbound leads to their sales team through a combination of email marketing, SEO, networking, conference attendance and word of mouth.

They were keen to maximise the potential of their key North America markets by opening an outbound channel that would further increase the number of new conversations taking place. They’d had some discussions with outbound telemarketing providers, but felt that this approach lacked focus and risked associating the KnowledgeSmart brand as being overly aggressive (something they were keen to avoid).

They wanted something more refined. A targeted and intelligent approach to outbound lead generation. And that’s where came in.

Solution took the time to understand the KnowledgeSmart style and approach. They built this message into their multi-step email marketing process to begin contacting the market in a way that would generate leads – and do so in a way that KnowledgeSmart were comfortable with.

As Rory Vance, KnowledgeSmart CEO, says:

“We wanted to knock on more doors. And we certainly have! We’ve expanded our database of potential targets who might want to talk to us.
More importantly, we’ve also achieved this without damaging our brand in any way. The approach means we’ve told an intelligent story, retained our own narrative, and significantly enhanced our market reach.” then combined their email marketing activity with targeted 1:1 follow-up in order to fully qualify leads before handing them over to the KnowledgeSmart team – who were able to have an informed conversation from the outset and therefore accelerate the sales process.


The benefits have already been tangible. have generated an average of five qualified new leads per month and Rory and his team have noted the increased speed when identifying future opportunities and building a pipeline of more mid to long-term prospects.

They’re also delighted with how they’ve been able to get their message in front of such a large number of potential clients in such a short period of time. This has created a large database of contacts for longer-term nurture alongside the “quick win” leads that have been generated with those firms who have had an immediate requirement.

Rory Vance, again:

“We’ve had some early wins which is great. But it isn’t really about that: it’s more about adding an extra string to our overall bow that was missing. That was: to expand our prospect pipeline and reach out to a wider number of people more quickly than we were able to do by ourselves. And that’s exactly what’s happening.”
If you’re looking to increase the amount of high quality and qualified leads in your business get then get in touch now!