When you’ve showcased your product or offering to a new audience, it’s tempting to rest on your laurels and consider it a ‘mission complete’. However, this is the time when you need to put in considerable effort to help nurture your prospect towards making a purchase. 


If you’re not quite sure how to proceed, here are some of the best ways to follow up and close the deal…


Provide the right content 


After your demo, it’s always wise to follow up with a well-timed email. The purpose of this is to ensure that your prospect has the information they need and does not forget about you – but you can also glean more value from this contact by providing them with real, relevant content. 


This can take several different forms, depending on your capabilities as a business and your intended outcomes. Providing personalised offers is one approach which could be hugely beneficial. 


If you follow up, give your prospect an offer you think will be appealing to them, and try adding some additional information which they found interesting during your earlier discussion. This will help to keep your company ‘top of mind’ during the decision process. 


Help with research 


It’s naïve to assume your prospect is going to buy from the first company they talk to. Any sales team will want to thoroughly research all their options before making a final decision – but this is where you can help demonstrate your agility while also selling the product once more. 


A handy way to do this is to create your own analysis of key competitors, focusing on pain points and the ways in which your solution is superior to every other product on the market. This will help save your potential client time – and gives them something tangible to use when convincing their boss or other relevant shareholders. 


When done right, you could even find yourself having developed a true advocate for your organisation.  


Utilise LinkedIn 


LinkedIn is a fantastic resource when used correctly. Connecting on LinkedIn not only keeps the door open for future discussions but helps you to contact your prospect with ease. We recommend that you ensure your LinkedIn profile is looking suitably reputable. 


Look for ways that you can improve your presence on the platform, to lend validity to your connection request and any further chats you have with this prospect.

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