Our Lead Generation Strategy

Unlike a lot of lead generation companies out there, we understand that the successful conversion of a cold lead to a warm lead isn’t a numbers game. We don’t churn out 1000’s of prospects and only convert a small percentage, we target our prospects from the very start to ensure they are likely to convert and become leads you can convert into clients.


Read on to see how we do it…

The Old MethodThe SLG Method



1 - Data Aquisition

Social Web / Purchased Data

Manual list building – The time tested method of spending hour, days and weeks of time trawling through social media profiles, business websites and directories trying to find leads that fit your client persona. 

Purchased lists – Sve time and buy a list of data that has all the prospects you need. Unfortunately they’re never accurately targeted and ore often sold to multiple businesses meaning your message gets lost.

Social Web

Automated list building – Create a dynamic feed from the social web directly to your list. With a live feed that constantly monitors for new prospects and adds them automatically ready for outreach 24/7 all year long.

Every prospect you retrieve will fit your criteria and each list created will be unique to you, verified against your existing clients and cleaned to provide usable data – it’s time to get noticed with SLG data.

2 - Outbound Email Marketing

General Messaging for a Large Data Pool

Love it or hate it email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach out to new prospects. The old outbound marketing model relies on a general approach, to appeal to the widest audience possible since the data you are sending to is usually not sophisticated enough to be targeted.

With a broad message and usually a ‘one hit’ method, it’s a good thing we decided to change our approach.

Focused Messaging for Targeted Prospects

SalesLeadGen operates a data first policy. We believe when you get the data right the rest just makes sense. We don’t send generic campaigns to a wider audience. We focus our targeting and ensure every prospect matches your criteria so when you reach out to them the message resonates.

3 - Outbound Social Marketing

No Social Media Outreach

Not a lot of agencies focus on social media outreach, they believe the email is king and focus their time around building campaigns that can only be delivered via one medium, while it’s powerful. It’s better combined.

With more and more agencies missing the social angle when it comes to outreach it’s no surprise that SalesLeadGen is leading the charge on social media campaigns and outreach.

Social Media Outreach

Much like email marketing. We focus on reaching out to the right person at the right time. That all boils down to having the right data in place. Not a lot of lead generation agencies utilise social media, but you’re prospects live on social platforms like LinkedIn – trust us!

4 - Lead Creation

The Complete Solution

When the data has been collected and the campaigns sent that’s where most agencies stop. They might provide you with a list to manually import into your CRM, but in most cases, if the campaign was a success – great. If not then it’s over anyway. Time to move on.

The Complete Solution

Our data feed is dynamic so campaigns never ‘end’ they slowly add new prospects every day and feed these through the same campaign. Each activity is logged and synced to your CRM so the only thing you need to worry about is closing the deal. If the campaign wasn’t successful, you can start again with a different targeting approach or adjust your messaging accordingly.


It’s a bold statement to say we’re the best, so we’ll let you realise that on your own. However, when you have the power of dynamic data behind each campaign you and the ability to focus on a targeted list of prospects, it’s clear to see why our campaigns outperform any other agencies out there. Our ability to run email and social media marketing campaigns at the same time allows us to reach and engage with prospects on a whole other level.

Our data feeds are dynamic meaning that once a campaign is over our system will still monitor for new results that meet your search criteria and feed these into the campaign without your input ensuring a steady trickle of leads from every campaign you launch using SalesLeadGen.

With SalesLeadGen we finally have a tool that gives us complete visibility of our target market, and it has even freed up a member of our marketing team to work on other areas of our business!

Tom Salvat, CEO Concured

We use SalesLeadGen to identify new contacts in our chosen target markets. It allows us to reach out to these people within days of them starting their new roles (i.e. before our competition) to introduce our value proposition.

Robert Czachorski, CEO H20metrics

The unlimited data plan works well for us as it fuels our outbound campaigns in various markets both in the UK and overseas. To my knowledge no other data tool provides this option at this price point.

Tom Gueterbock, Managing Director Socially Bright

I love SalesLeadGen data as not only is it timely and fed directly into our systems, it is also automatically tidied and de-duped against our existing database so that it is 'campaign ready'.

Debbi Bavin, Head of Marketing Brady PLC