The various changes and updates on how search engine algorithms work leave several business owners, especially digital marketing clients, wondering if investing in SEO efforts is worth it.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the use of various strategies and tactics meant to increase the amount and improve the quality of traffic driven to the website. 

SEO used to create or improve the website’s presence in search engines, as well as increase its visibility to users who enter certain keywords to look for a product/service.


Why is it still important?

Due to the changes and algorithm updates, SEO practices that worked then may not be as useful now. However, this doesn’t mean that SEO is no longer important. SEO remains to be a valuable investment, especially for local and small businesses. Hence, SEO specialists must continue optimising websites to achieve their desired results.

With good SEO, you may achieve the following: 


  • Visitor-friendly website

Good user-experience can help keep users from leaving the website. It is critical to make sure that the most important part of the page loads first to keep the user’s attention. Maximise the use of negative space to make the content easier to read and provide visuals whenever possible.


  • Gain top 10 positions in search engines

Good optimisation can improve your rankings in search engine results pages. The higher your position is, the easier it is for users to find and click on the links pointing to your website. The website’s position in the search results pages is crucial since users only click on the results displayed on the first and second pages, and rarely click on the remaining pages.


  • Draw targeted website traffic and higher sales

Optimising the content of the website with relevant keywords can help in improving the quality of the traffic driven to the website. This means that users who visit your website are more likely to convert. Those who search for more specific keywords usually have higher intentions of buying the product/service that they are looking for.


Is it better than PPC?

This depends on the goal of the business. If the business owners are looking for immediate results, investing in PPC can be very helpful. It gives the brand more visibility but loses its effectiveness the moment payment is stopped.

If the budget permits, investing in PPC would be ideal in establishing brand awareness quickly. It can also be maximised for promotions and special offers with limited availability.

Since it is easier to get higher placement in search results using PPC advertisements, many users, especially those who know the difference between organic and paid results, also trust organic results compared to paid ones. 



While it takes longer to see the effects of SEO efforts, it is still worth it to invest in SEO. It is cheaper to invest in and has more lasting effects than PPC. 

It is also important to note that businesses can achieve more optimum results by combining SEO and PPC efforts to improve the website’s presence and increase quality traffic and conversion rate.

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