Marketing data lists are excellent tools to use for businesses to grow. But many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to marketing data and market research. At the end of the day, a marketer’s goal is to understand audiences as much as possible.

This article will show you what marketing data can do, how to obtain it, and why it’s important to your business.


What are Marketing Lists?

Marketing Data lists are a compilation of data that companies compile to create more targeted marketing campaigns. It is primarily used in database marketing.

They are compiled for both companies and consumers, usually through an online form with the goal of providing data for companies to create personalized marketing campaigns. The extra information can be used to send promotional emails, make Facebook ads, or display product recommendations on e-commerce sites.

There are several types of marketing data lists that are available. The most popular ones are:


1. Consumer Marketing Lists

Consumer marketing lists are defined as a comprehensive list of customers who have shown an interest in buying particular products or services. They can be created through various means, such as a customer database, the internet, or physical means such as direct mail.

These lists can be used to advertise to potential buyers and generate revenue for a company. One of the most popular ways to generate a profitable list is through a company’s website.

They include data like:

  • Age

  • Ethnicity

  • Religion

  • Marital Status

  • Children

  • Pets

  • Education

  • Occupation

  • Income Level

  • Hobbies or Interests


2. Business Marketing Lists

Business marketing lists contain information about other businesses. It’s better suited for B2B businesses, as opposed to using a B2C marketing list. These lists can be created to appeal to a specific type of business, industry, or profession.

They are a great source for generating new business leads. This is because by targeting your customized list, you can make sure that the prospects on the list are more likely to be interested in your product or service. Customized business marketing lists are the key to successful lead generation for any business.

Data within business marketing lists include:

  • Type of business

  • Industry and Niche

  • Number of Employees

  • Sales Volume

  • Job Titles

  • Web address

  • Contact Information


3. Specialty Marketing Lists

Most businesses have several audiences or client personas that they want to target for a specific marketing campaign. Specialty marketing lists are data lists that offer information that you don’t often find in consumer and business marketing lists.

For instance, if your specific target audience for a marketing campaign are pediatricians in London then this falls under a specialty list. Apart from using them to find doctors by practice type, specialty marketing lists can be used for:

  • Homeowners, Movers, or Renters

  • New Businesses

  • Registered Voters by Party

  • Club/Organization Members

  • University Students by Program

  • Teachers by Grade or Subject

  • Churches by Congregation Size


Benefits of Purchasing Marketing Lists

Marketing lists are a valuable tool used by marketers to understand potential customers, test out new products, and build customer loyalty. However, it is important that they are purchased from reputable vendors. The benefits of purchasing a customized marketing list include:

  • Finding a group of qualified prospects

  • Spending less money on generalized ads

  • Reducing false positives and negatives in sales

  • Making outreach efforts more effective and efficient


How and Where to Purchase Them

Marketing lists are generally provided by marketing companies who use their experience and accessed databases to craft them. And the added service of having them customized to fit your needs is what makes them costly.

Automating your lead generation is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get a customized marketing data list.

SalesLeadGen is a lead generation platform that gives you support throughout the entire marketing process. From scraping leads in various sites and databases all the way to your outreach campaign. Our software solution can provide you with targeted marketing lists along with highly personalized messages to send their way.

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